Department of Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of all aspects of human life—from our biological evolution to our modern societies, religions, and economies. Our faculty members are experts, for instance, in the study of Islamic societies, including those found in today’s hot spots like Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Turkey. Other areas of faculty expertise—like the effects of religion on politics and society, democratic transitions, youth culture, evolutionary biology, anatomy, and primate ecology—are at the forefront of current news stories. They bring that expertise enthusiastically to their teaching.

For undergraduates, we offer two courses of study:

  • Our social anthropology coursework prepares students for careers in law, business, international relations, development, and related fields.
  • Our biological anthropology coursework prepares students for careers in medicine and health sciences.

Both courses of study also prepare students well for the strongest graduate programs in the field. We also offer a joint major in anthropology & religion, as well as minors in anthropology and medical anthropology.