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  • CAS WR 097: Academic Writing for ESL Students 1
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: placement test results.
    Study of academic conventions and effective strategies of academic reading and writing, along with needs-based review of grammar and mechanics. Emphasis on comprehension, summary, and critical analysis of a wide range of texts. Focus on improving both fluency and accuracy in writing and speaking. Frequent papers and in-class writing.
  • CAS WR 098: Academic Writing for ESL Students 2
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS WR 097; or placement test results.
    Emphasis on critical reading and analytical writing in response to various theme-based texts. Review of grammar and mechanics in context. Intensive practice in the patterns of academic argumentation through multiple writing assignments of increasing complexity. Refinement of speaking skills through discussions and oral presentations.
  • CAS WR 100: Writing Seminar
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS WR 098; (if student required to take that course).
    Topic-based seminar in academic reading and writing. Attention to reading and analyzing primary and secondary sources, argumentation, prose style, revision, and citation. Significant writing and individual conferences.
  • CAS WR 150: Writing and Research Seminar
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS WR 100.
    Topic-based seminar in academic reading, writing, and research. Continuing attention to argumentation, prose style, revision, and citation, with additional emphasis on college-level research. Significant writing and individual conferences.
  • CAS WR 202: Children's Literature in the Elementary School
    An introduction to the world of children's literature. Classics and exemplary modern works are studied, with a particular focus on literary techniques, nonfiction text structures, cultural diversity, and gender. Covers children's literature recommended by Massachusetts English Language Arts Framework (2001).
  • CAS WR 415: Public Writing
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior standing and CAS WR 150 or equivalent, or consent of instructor.
    Students will learn about the growing call for scholars to communicate their research to the public, study and practice several public genres, and rewrite a research project from a previous course to "translate" it for a public audience.
  • CAS WR 598: Tutoring in ESL
    Prepares Writing Center tutors to work effectively with ESL and multilingual students. Modules balance theory and practice. Tutors gain knowledge about ESL writing and pedagogical ability to help students become independent writers. No familiarity with linguistics or language teaching required.