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  • CAS PH 427: Heidegger and Existential Philosophy
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS PH 310; and two other philosophy courses, or consent of instructor.
    A study of the main topics of Heidegger's philosophy against the background of his interpretation of Husserl's phenomenology, Kant's transcendental philosophy, and ancient Greek philosophy, with an emphasis on the concepts of being, time, and truth.
  • CAS PH 436: Gender, Race, and Science
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: sophomore standing.
    Examines issues in feminist philosophy, philosophy of race, and philosophy of science. Is "race" a genuine scientific category or a social construct? How have views about gender and race changed? Why are there still so few women and minority scientists?
  • CAS PH 440: Metaphysics
    A survey of basic questions in contemporary metaphysics that may include reality, time, change, free will, personal identity, and causation.
  • CAS PH 443: Philosophy of Mind
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: two courses in philosophy or consent of instructor.
    The topic is sentience, embodiment, and the brain. The aim is to develop a "neurophenomenological" approach to consciousness and embodied experience in cognitive science and the philosophy of mind.
  • CAS PH 445: The Philosophy of Love
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: one philosophy course, or consent of instructor.
    What is love? What different forms does it take (e.g. parental love, romantic love)? Is love non- rational or are there reasons of love? We aim to answer these and other philosophical questions by focusing on contemporary philosophical writings on love.
  • CAS PH 452: Ethics of Health Care
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS PH 350; and two other philosophy courses, or consent of instructor (PH 150 and PH 251 are recommended).
    Medicine and health care offer a unique opportunity to explore the nature of humanity and the world and to ask fundamental questions concerning the nature of birth, life, and death, and what it is to be a person. Readings from both classical and contemporary writings in ethics, medicine, law, and public health policy.
  • CAS PH 453: Theories of Political Society
    Focuses on philosophical subjects relevant to ethics and politics, such as virtue and happiness; human nature and reason; qualifications of leadership; aims and means of civic education; and conceptions of law (man-made, natural, divine). Texts by Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Machiavelli. Meets with CAS PO 391.
  • CAS PH 454: Community, Liberty, and Morality
    Traces the contemporary movement known as Virtue Ethics, which has revived a characteristic approach to ethics of ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. Focus on understanding VE's critique of modern approaches and on evaluating its advocates' positive claims.
  • CAS PH 456: Topics in Philosophy and Religion
    Topic for Fall 2017: Love and Hate. Designed to run side by side with the Institute for Philosophy and Religion's fall lecture series on the topic of "Love and Hate" in the philosophy of religion. What is the role of love in living a good life? Are there different kinds of love? What are the proper objects of love? What happens when love goes wrong? These questions, and others like them, are examined in a wide range of texts drawn from the religious, philosophical, and literary traditions of Asia and the West. Also offered as CAS RN 397.
  • CAS PH 458: Crime and Punishment: Philosophical Perspectives
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS PH 350; and two other philosophy courses.
    Study of fundamental issues in criminal law, including the theory and definition of crime; economic, utilitarian, and retributivist justifications of punishment; exculpating circumstances; the death penalty; and the relationship between law and politics. Also offered as CAS PO 497.
  • CAS PH 461: Mathematical Logic
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS MA 293; or consent of instructor.
    The syntax and semantics of sentential and quantificational logic, culminating in the Godel Completeness Theorem. The Godel Incompleteness Theorem and its ramifications for computability and philosophy. Also offered as CAS MA 531.
  • CAS PH 462: Foundations of Mathematics
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS PH 461; or consent of instructor.
    Axiomatic set theory as a foundation for, and field of, mathematics: Axiom of Choice, the Continuum Hypothesis, and consistency results. Also offered as CAS MA 532.
  • CAS PH 463: Philosophy of Language
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS PH 310 and CAS PH 360; and one other course in philosophy, or consent of instructor.
    Critical survey of the main issues in the philosophy of language and the foundations of linguistics, including the ideas of logical form and the universality of languages as well as the basic ideas of generative grammar, possible-worlds semantics, Wittgenstein, and speech-act theories.
  • CAS PH 465: Philosophy of Cognitive Science
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS PH 310 and CAS PH 360; and one other philosophy course; or consent of instructor.
    Can humans be thought of in analogy with machines? The course examines questions of natural and artificial intelligence in light of traditional theory and of recent research in computer science and artificial intelligence.
  • CAS PH 468: Philosophical Problems of Logic and Mathematics
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS PH 310 and CAS PH 360; and one other philosophy course; or consent of instructor.
    Selected traditional metaphysical and epistemological problems in the light of modern logic and various studies in the foundations of mathematics, including the nature of the axiomatic method, completeness in logic and mathematics, and the nature of mathematical truth.
  • CAS PH 470: Philosophy of Physics
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS PH 310 and CAS PH 360.
    Philosophical problems concerning the interpretation of physical discoveries. Elementary particles, the anomalies of quantum mechanics, some modern problems of space and time, and the problem of wholes and parts.
  • CAS PH 472: Philosophy of Biology
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS PH 310 and CAS PH 360; and one other philosophy course, or consent of instructor.
    Conceptual problems in biology; unity or pluralism of science; hierarchy theory; biological explanation; evolutionary theory, teleology and casuality, statistical explanation; the species problem; mind and the brain; and language in animals and humans.
  • CAS PH 480: Topics in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
    Topic for Fall 2017: Thinking Food & Drink. An examination sparked by Greek literature and philosophy.
  • CAS PH 484: Topics in Speculative Philosophy
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: any one philosophy course from CAS PH 440-447, or consent of instructor.
    Topic for Fall 2015: Meaning.
  • CAS PH 485: Topics in Philosophy of Value
    Topics vary from year to year. Topic for Fall 2017: Shame.