Portuguese: Language, Literature, Culture (including courses in English)

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  • CAS LP 111: First-Semester Portuguese
    Introduction to grammatical structures. Fundamental communications skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Exposure to the culture and civilization of the Portuguese-speaking world through media broadcast, literature readings, films, music, and videotapes. Lab required. Four hours weekly.
  • CAS LP 112: Second-Semester Portuguese
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS LP 111; or consent of instructor.
    Covers the important grammar points not studied in CAS LP 111. Further develops the four communicative skills while expanding students' background knowledge of the history and cultures of the Portuguese- speaking world. Lab required. Four hours weekly.
  • CAS LP 123: Intensive Elementary Portuguese
    Intensive elementary Portuguese for those with previous study of Spanish and other interested students. Equivalent of one year of college Portuguese. Emphasizes the four communicative skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Introduces grammar and the culture of the Lusophone world through media broadcast, literature readings, films, music, and videotapes.
  • CAS LP 211: Third-Semester Portuguese
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS LP 112; or placement test results.
    Promotes cross-cultural understanding of the Luso-African-Brazilian cultures through authentic literary texts, multimedia, film and music. Completes study of grammatical structures and syntactical patterns. Emphasizes reading, writing and conversational competency. Conducted in Portuguese.
  • CAS LP 212: Fourth-Semester Portuguese
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS LP 211; or consent of instructor.
    Review of the grammar and syntax of Portuguese. Further develops reading, writing, and conversational competency while expanding students' knowledge of history and culture. Conducted in Portuguese. Fulfills the CAS language requirement.
  • CAS LP 305: Topics in Portuguese Language and Culture
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS LP 212; or advanced Portuguese proficiency.
    Centers on advanced Portuguese grammar and develops writing and speaking skills beyond the level reached in CAS LP 212. Provides a basic introduction to the main periods and features of Brazilian history and culture. Also suitable for heritage speakers.
  • CAS LP 310: Introduction to Brazilian Cinema (in English translation)
    An overview of Brazilian cinema in the 60s, 70s and 80s, its discourse on revolution and marginality, as well as its connection to artistic, musical, and literary movements. Focus on the work of avant-garde filmmakers and younger generations. Also includes attention to Cuban cinema. Taught in English.