Hebrew: Language, Literature, Culture (including courses in English)

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  • CAS LH 111: Fundamentals of Modern Hebrew 1
    For students with no previous knowledge of Hebrew or minimal background. Introduction to the language of contemporary Israel. Fundamentals of grammar, extensive practice in speaking, reading, and writing about topics such as getting acquainted, learning and living situations. Curriculum incorporates technology and original Israeli materials.
  • CAS LH 112: Fundamentals of Modern Hebrew 2
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS LH 111; or the equivalent as determined by placement test.
    Builds on vocabulary, grammar and skills acquired in LH111. Students learn to read and converse about topics related to friendship, family, hobbies and travel. Curriculum incorporates more and longer Israeli materials, and communicative and technology-based activities.
  • CAS LH 139: Intensive First-Year Hebrew
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: Placement examination results.
    Covers all material in CAS LH 111 and 112. Main patterns of grammar, conversation, and written exercises. If you have taken LH 111, 112, or a more advanced college-level course, you cannot take this course for credit.
  • CAS LH 211: Intermediate Modern Hebrew 1
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS LH 112; or the equivalent as determined by placement test.
    Reinforces and expands vocabulary, grammar and language structures, leading to a deeper comprehension of style and usage. Focuses on language skills (speaking and writing) and performing more complex tasks such as comparing, narrating, describing, reasoning, and discussing topics beyond the immediate environment.
  • CAS LH 212: Intermediate Modern Hebrew 2
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS LH 211; or the equivalent as determined by placement test.
    Expands vocabulary, grammar, language structures and communicative skills to enable students to achieve solid proficiency. Develops students' ability to respond orally and in writing to literary texts and audio- visual material such as Israeli films, television clips, and news.
  • CAS LH 250: Masterpieces of Modern Hebrew Literature (in English translation)
    Narrative prose and poetry of major writers from the revival of Hebrew culture in nineteenth-century Eastern Europe to present-day Israel, including works of Bialik, Agnon, Amichai, and Yehoshua. Special focus on the struggle for modern identity in the domains of family, nation, and religion. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.
  • CAS LH 283: Israeli Culture through Film (in English translation)
    Examines changes in Israeli society over the last fifty years through the medium of film. Traces cultural responses to the Arab/Israeli conflict, the Holocaust, and Sephardi-Ashkenazi relations.
  • CAS LH 284: The Culture and Civilization of Modern Israel (in English translation)
    An interdisciplinary introduction to Israeli history, politics, culture, and identity. Meets with CAS HI 392.
  • CAS LH 311: Advanced Modern Hebrew: Voices in Israeli Society
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS LH 212; or the equivalent as determined by placement test.
    Advanced language practice and introduction to diverse groups in Israeli society - Orthodox and secular, immigrants and old-timers, Mizrachi and Ashkenazi Jews. Develops Hebrew proficiency in all language modalities while acquainting students with contemporary Israeli culture through texts, songs, films.
  • CAS LH 312: Sixth-Semester Hebrew
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS LH 311; or placement test results.
    Advanced mastery of the full range of Hebrew language usages and styles through short stories, drama, poetry, news media, films, and other activities. Theme for Spring 2015: The development of Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisine.
  • CAS LH 330: Israeli Popular Music
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS LH 212; or equivalent.
    Advanced-intermediate Hebrew language and culture course for those who have completed at least four semesters' college Hebrew or equivalent. Introduction to Israeli cultural history through music. Students expand vocabulary and further develop writing, reading, listening, and conversational skills in Hebrew.
  • CAS LH 340: Israeli Culture though Media
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS LH 212; or equivalent.
    An advanced Hebrew language course, which uses as its "textbook" Israeli newspapers, television, and online news media. Students follow current events in Israel (politics, business, sports, etc.); compare coverage in diverse outlets; speak and write knowledgeably about Israeli society.
  • CAS LH 491: Directed Study: Hebrew
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of department and CAS 105.
    Application form available in department.