African Studies: West African Languages: Hausa

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  • CAS LA 111: Hausa 1
    First semester four-skill Hausa course leading to proficiency in oral expression, listening comprehension, reading, writing and cultural understanding. Introduction to reading and writing Hausa in Ajami, an Arabic-based script.
  • CAS LA 311: Hausa 5
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS LA 212.
    In this fifth-semester course, students study and discuss various contemporary issues in Hausa society and culture, including traditional and contemporary literature written in both Latin and Ajami scripts. Instructional materials include internet resources and Hausa cinema.
  • CAS LA 411: Hausa 7
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS LA 312; or consent of instructor.
    This course is designed to take students to advanced-high level proficiency in Hausa. It emphasizes the development of the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) for extended formal and informal discourse in both Latin and Ajami scripts.