International Relations

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  • CAS IR 394: Power, Leadership, and Governance in Africa and the Caribbean
    (Meets with CAS AA 395 and HI 352.) Haitian Revolution; British Caribbean, leadership, governance, and power in Africa during the period of legitimate trade; visionaries, dictators, and nationalist politics in the Caribbean; chiefs, western elites, and nationalism in colonial Africa; road to governance in post-colonial Caribbean and Africa.
  • CAS IR 395: North-South Relations
    (Meets with CAS PO 328.) Employs a multidisciplinary approach to analyze the relations between the industrialized nations of the "North" and the developing nations of the "South." Addresses historical and current issues in North-South relations, including trade, investment, migration, regional economic integration, and the environment.
  • CAS IR 397: History of Modern Iran, 1900–Present
    Meets with CAS HI 381. Geographical/historical background; social structure, ethnic, religious, and linguistic diversities; Anglo-Russian interventions; consequences of tobacco concession; constitutional revolution and reform; Qajar legacy; centralization, secularization, modernization under Pahlavis; oil and Mossadeg; autocracy and revolution; liberals, communists, fundamentalists, and Islamic revolution.
  • CAS IR 410: Latin America Today: An Interdisciplinary Approach
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior or senior standing; or sophomore standing with consent of instructor.
    Required for Latin American Interdisciplinary Studies Program majors and encouraged for minors. Topic changes annually.
  • CAS IR 411: Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Latin America
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior or senior standing.
    Meets with CAS PO 566. Examines a range of historical and contemporary conflicts and wars in Latin America, both internal and regional, examining their causes and consequences, and the most important factors that explain how they were resolved or why they persist.
  • CAS IR 425: Seminar: Women and Social Change in the Developing World
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior standing or consent of instructor.
    (Meets with CAS SO 420.) Studies women in nonindustrial countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, stressing empirical research, theory, and methodology. Comparisons between regions and with industrial countries. Focus on sex segregation, female labor force participation, migration, fertility, family roles, and women and political power.
  • CAS IR 436: The Great War and the Fragile Peace
    Exploration of the military, political, social, economic, and cultural consequences of the First World War and the peace conference of 1919. Focuses on technological innovations, the expanded role of the state, and the long-range impact of the Versailles settlement. Also offered as CAS HI 436.
  • CAS IR 441: Immigration and Development in Asia
    (Meets with CAS PO 458.) Transnational immigration and economic development in Asia, focusing on China, India, and South Korea. Cases examined include the rise of manufacturing prowess in China, India's software industry, and Korea's corporate competitiveness in the world.
  • CAS IR 447: Seminar: Global Sociology
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior or senior standing and at least two previous sociology or international relations courses; or consent of instructor.
    (Meets with CAS SO 447.) Examines different sociological perspectives on global social dynamics and processes.
  • CAS IR 452: Topics in European Politics and Culture
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior standing and consent of instructor.
    Meets with CAS PO 539. Explores European politics through the lens of culture, using materials from literature, film, and the social sciences, including live sessions with European writers/artists.
  • CAS IR 465: The United States and the Cold War
    Examination of American Cold War foreign policy from its origins at the end of World War II through its conduct--Marshall Plan, Detente, Cold War II--to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union. Reading seminar. Also offered as CAS HI 465.
  • CAS IR 500: Topics in International Relations
    Examines aspects of international relations. May be repeated for credit if topics are different. Section B1: Forced Migration and Human Trafficking. Causes and impact of forced migration and human trafficking. Role of conflict and state formation; emergence of international human rights and domestic asylum laws; role of international organizations, private sector and security forces in both combating and enabling human trafficking.
  • CAS IR 501: Conflict and Cooperation in Asia
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior standing or consent of instructor.
    Meets with CAS PO 554. Investigates patterns of conflict and cooperation in South and East Asia surrounding issues ranging from water resources and health to borders and war. Analyzes how such issues contribute to instability in the region, as well as methods of cooperation.
  • CAS IR 502: Latin American Political Parties
    Meets with CAS PO 561. Parties and party systems of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. Historical origins and labor incorporation. Populist, working-class, and hegemonic parties. Market reform and party system transformation or collapse. Ethnic parties, clientelism, rise of a new Left.
  • CAS IR 503: The U.S. in the Middle East
    Meets with CAS PO 503. Examines the historical development and present status of the United States' association with the Middle East: American commercial, economic, political, military, and humanitarian interests in the area and their interaction.
  • CAS IR 504: Seminar: The Persian Gulf/Arabian Peninsula
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: Limited to juniors, seniors, and graduate students.
    Graduate Prerequisites: Limited to juniors, seniors, and graduate students.
    Meets with CAS PO 577. The Persian Gulf/Arabian Peninsula system as a major focus of international concern. An in-depth examination of the political, economic, and societal evolution and dynamics of these states: their interrelationships; superpowers', European, and Japanese policies toward them.
  • CAS IR 505: Arms Control and Proliferation of Weapons
    Arms control and disarmament in modern diplomacy. International agreements. Global control and dangers of proliferation of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Impact of terrorism. Small arms and conflict. New ideas in global arms control.
  • CAS IR 506: India and the World: The Foreign Policy of a Rising Power
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior, senior, or graduate standing; or qualified sophomores with consent of instructor.
    Today, India is a nuclear power with a huge and growing economy. This, along with the rise of China and 9/11, has catapulted India into the international limelight. This course examines India's rise, focusing on its foreign policy and international role.
  • CAS IR 507: Islam and Politics
    Investigates the origins and practices of prominent Islamists and grassroots Muslim political movements. Emphasis is on the coevolution of states and religious movements, the emergence of religious democrats, the dynamics of transnational mobilization, and recognizing politics in unusual places.
  • CAS IR 510: Comparative Immigration and Racial Politics
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: Senior Standing or consent of instructor.
    Examines immigration policies and domestic racial hierarchies across world regions and regime-types. Role of immigration and racial hierarchy in economic development, state formation, nationalism, and electoral politics in three largest migrant-receiving regions: North America, Western Europe, and the Persian Gulf.