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  • CAS HI 393: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    History of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, analysis of conflicting narratives through primary sources and film. Students present their own reflections on the conflict and debate possibilities of resolution. Counts toward majors and minors in History, International Relations, Middle East & North Africa Studies, and Jewish Studies.
  • CAS HI 397: Modern Latin America
    Political, economic, and cultural evolution of Latin American republics. Nineteenth-century conflicts over "civilization" vs "barbarism," liberalism vs conservatism, and slavery. Democracy and military rule in the twentieth century and efforts to create new forms of politics and citizenship.
  • CAS HI 401: Senior Honors Seminar 1
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: senior standing and departmental approval.
    The first of a two-semester seminar that guides students through the research and writing of an honors thesis grounded in primary historical research. Students participate in a workshop environment and are matched with an additional faculty advisor.
  • CAS HI 402: Senior Honors Seminar 2
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: senior standing and departmental approval.
    The second of a two-semester seminar that guides students through the research and writing of an honors thesis grounded in primary historical research. Students participate in a workshop environment and are matched with an additional faculty advisor.
  • CAS HI 407: Topics in Medieval Religious Culture
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Topic for Fall 2017: Magic, Witchcraft, and the Demonic in Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean. Magic, witchcraft, and the demonic as understood, employed, and feared in medieval Christian, Jewish, and Muslim communities. Exploration of religious world views; visual culture; healing and medical practices; matters of gender, power, and social control, including counter-magic, legal prohibitions, and inquisition. Also offered as CAS RN 470.
  • CAS HI 408: War in Film and Literature
    This course explores, through works of film and literature, human experiences of combat, suffering, and death. Topics range from medieval Japan to Africa, the Americas and Europe, WWI, WWII, and various "small wars" from the 19th through 21st centuries.
  • CAS HI 410: Religion, Community, and Culture in Medieval Spain
    Interactions between Muslims, Christians, and Jews in medieval Europe's most religiously diverse region -- from the establishment of an Islamic al-Andalus in 711 CE to the final Christian "reconquest" of the peninsula and expulsion of the Jews in 1492 CE. Also offered as CAS RN 410.
  • CAS HI 412: Popular Culture in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
    An exploration of the various expressions of culture among the commoners of Europe, ca. 400-1600. Topics include religion, storytelling, material life, social and political organization, law and justice, gender roles, witchcraft and popular crusades, and the impact of the printing press.
  • CAS HI 426: Music and Ideas from Mozart to the Jazz Age
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Studies masterpieces of music alongside relevant works of fiction, philosophy, criticism, and cultural history to situate compositions in their larger context. The course includes music by such artists as Beethoven, Wagner, and Schoenberg, as well as Davis, Coltrane, and Ellington.
  • CAS HI 434: Monarchy in Modern Britain
    A seminar probing seminal moments in the history of modern British sovereignty, when the politics of the court intersected with the politics of the people. Particular consideration is given to how monarchy has survived as an institution. Also offered as CAS WS 434.
  • CAS HI 440: Refugee Hollywood (1933-1950)
    Examines the flight of artists, writers, and intellectuals from Germany to Los Angeles in the wake of Hitler's rise to power with a focus on accounts by the emigres themselves, their works, and their influence on American culture.
  • CAS HI 450: Topics in the History of Popular Culture
    Topic for Fall 2017: Animals in American History and Popular Culture. Examines the place of animals in North America to illuminate popular beliefs, social relationships, environmental change, and politics. Topics range from hunting to husbandry, pet keeping to popular entertainment, pigs in New York City to Bambi and Jumbo the Elephant.
  • CAS HI 451: Fashion as History
    This seminar treats clothing and other products of material culture as historical documents. Explores what clothing can tell us about key developments in the modern period relating to trade and commerce, empire, gender, class, industry, revolution, nation-building, identity politics, and globalization. Also offered as CAS WS 451.
  • CAS HI 454: War and American Society, 1607-2001
    Although committed to democracy, individual liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Americans have frequently found themselves waging war. This course examines how war mobilization and the experience of combat since the settling of Jamestown have fundamentally changed American society.
  • CAS HI 455: The Transformation of Early New England: Witches, Whalers and Warfare, 1630-1860
    Explores how religious schisms and revival, warfare with native Americans, political revolution, and commercial development transformed New England from a Puritanical agricultural society into an urbanized, industrial society by the outbreak of the American Civil War. This course cannot be taken for credit in addition to the course entitled "Early American History and Culture" that was previously numbered CAS HI 455.
  • CAS HI 461: The Civil War in American Memory
    Examines the ways in which Americans have thought about the experiences of the Civil War, from the immediate postwar period through the later years of the twentieth century.
  • CAS HI 462: The American South in History, Literature, and Film
    Topic for Fall 2015: The American South in History, Literature, and Film. Explores the American South through literature, film, and other sources. Considers what, if anything, has been distinctive about the Southern experience and how a variety of Americans have imagined the region over time. Also offered as CAS AM 501.
  • CAS HI 465: The United States and the Cold War
    Examination of U.S. Cold War foreign policy from its origins at the end of World War II to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and of the Soviet Union. Also offered as CAS IR 465.
  • CAS HI 475: American Consumer History
    The history of consumerism in modern America. Topics include origins and critiques of the culture of consumption; the development of national markets; advertising and commercial amusements; and the relationship of consumer society to religion, gender, ethnicity, and class.
  • CAS HI 476: Technology in American Society
    Technology in American society from the colonial era to World War II. Topics include industrialization, scientific management, household technologies, and the auto age.