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  • CAS EN 519: Drama in Theory and Practice 2: Experiments with Character and Form
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor, to whom a short play or scene from a play must be submitted during the period just before classes begin.
    The reading and analysis of dramatic works; experimentation with the full-length monologue and small cast plays giving attention to dramatic structure and style. Students present their own work in a workshop format. Students also write critiques of professional productions.
  • CAS EN 520: Drama in Theory and Practice 3: Adaptation and the Theatre
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor, to whom a short play or scene from a play must be submitted during the period just before classes begin.
    A seminar on translation versus adaptation, comparing the two, and culling material from other writing genres. Focus on tone, imagery, stage design, and language. Students write their own stage adaptations and read various texts translated from the World Theatre.
  • CAS EN 535: Twentieth-Century British and Irish Poetry
    Close reading of balladic, lyric, and longer poems by Hardy, Yeats, Lawrence, Auden, Rosenberg, Mew, Loy, MacDiarmid, Gurney, Douglas, Larkin, Hill, Harrison, Prynne, others. Poets' essays and opposed schools and approaches. Reference to other arts, and times of political tragedy.
  • CAS EN 536: Twentieth-Century American Poetry
    Modernist and later twentieth American poetry, including selected long poems and shorter lyrics, with attention to poets' prose, collaborations. Crane, Williams, Stevens, Stein, Loy, O'Hara, Olson, others. Some emphasis on unusual forms and persistence of visionary poetry despite anti-romantic stances.
  • CAS EN 538: Teaching American Literature
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS EN 220.
    This course focuses on teaching American literature at the high school level. Goals include building a knowledge base in American literary history, modeling deep learning with selected texts, addressing theoretical questions in English Language Arts pedagogy, and learning practical classroom skills.
  • CAS EN 544: The Modern British Novel
    Conrad, Woolf, Lawrence, Joyce, Rhys, Isherwood, Beckett. Emphasis on prose style; narrative craft; dialogue forms; laughter; the novelistic page of print; the political backgrounds of the first half of the twentieth century.
  • CAS EN 546: The Modern American Novel
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior or senior standing; or two English courses.
    Syllabus varies from semester to semester but this course may be taken only once for credit.
  • CAS EN 574: Studies in Literary Genres
    Topic for Fall 2017: Three Big Books: Uncle Tom's Cabin; Moby Dick; Bleak House. Three of the best novels ever written, all published 1851-3, read carefully in historical and cultural context. Realism and sentimentality; race, class and gender stereotypes and hierarchies; transatlantic book history; narrative innovation; hybridity and intertextuality; representing a nation.
  • CAS EN 580: Studies in American Writers
    Topic for Spring 2017: Faulkner. Principal novels and short fiction, including The Sound and the Fury, Sanctuary, Light in August, Absalom, Absalom!, The Hamlet. Considerations of biographical, social, cultural contexts. Relations to regionalism, Southern Renaissance, modernism. Influence and status as world writer.
  • CAS EN 582: Studies in Modern Literature
    Topic for Fall 2016: Joyce and After. Readings in transatlantic modernism (Irish, British, American) from 1922 forward. Joyce's Ulysses is central. Other readings from authors such as James Baldwin, Allison Bechdel, Samuel Beckett, Elizabeth Bishop, Ralph Ellison, William Faulkner, Langston Hughes, Alice Walker, and Virginia Woolf.
  • CAS EN 584: Studies in Literature and Ethnicity
    Topic for Fall 2017: Literature of the Migrant. A reading of eleven novels that all bear on human migrations. Besides examining major issues, the focus is on how these books were made. Some of the texts are translations, but most of them are written by American authors.
  • CAS EN 588: Studies in African American Literature
    Topic for Spring 2017: Tracking Changes in the Twentieth-Century African American Novel: Negotiations of Genre and Gender. Readings of Slave Narratives and Neo Slave Narratives, and the Urban Novel. Authors include Toni Morrison, Octavia Butler, Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, and Walter Mosley. Also offered as CAS AA 502.
  • CAS EN 593: Studies in Literature and the Arts
    Topic for Fall 2017: Stanley Kubrick: The Cinema of Dread. Intensive study of Kubrick's films, from Fear and Desire to Eyes Wide Shut. Readings of pertinent fiction by Nabokov, Burgess, Thackeray, Stephen King, and Arthur C. Clarke. Topics include: black comedy, visionary experience, utopic misanthropy. Weekly screenings. Also offered as CAS CI 545.
  • CAS EN 594: Studies in Literature and the Arts
    Topic for Spring 2017: Psycho-Paths. Depictions of psychotic minds, taking Hitchcock's game-changing film Psycho as the centerpiece. Works include Psycho's cinematic precursors (Dr. Caligari, M.) and progeny (slasher and serial killer movies), as well as fiction (Poe, Melville) and psychoanalysis (Freud, Zizek). Weekly screenings. Also offered as CAS CI 590 A1.