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  • CAS EC 572: Public Control of Business
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS EC 201 or CAS EC 501.
    Examines economic theory and case studies of antitrust policy, government regulation of private industry and operation of state owned enterprises. Case studies are drawn from both industrialized and developing countries.
  • CAS EC 581: Health Economics I
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS EC 501.
    Graduate Prerequisites: CAS EC 501.
    Demand for insurance and health care, moral hazard, and adverse selection. Supply of health care, quality and price competition. Physician agency, payment systems, capitation, risk management, and managed care. Emphasis on U.S. institutions, although concepts are relevant to other countries.
  • CAS EC 591: International Economics
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS EC 304 and CAS EC 391.
    Graduate Prerequisites: CAS EC 303 and CAS EC 304.
    Theory of international trade; empirical evidence from both industrialized and developing economies. The factor content of trade, technology and trade patterns, scale economies and imperfect competition, elements of economic geography. Policy interventions: tariffs, the exchange rate, trading blocs, and political economy of reform.
  • CAS EC 595: International Finance
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS EC 502; or consent of instructor.
    Graduate Prerequisites: CAS EC 502; or consent of instructor.
    Applies economic tools to open-economy macroeconomics. Topics include the determinants of the current account, exchange rate management, international capital markets, and growth in the world economy. Topical issues: the formation of the Euro; debt and financial crisis in developing countries.
  • CAS EC 597: MAEP Internship
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: Completion of the MA Economics Core (CASEC501, CASEC502, CASEC507, CASEC508).
    (For students starting the program in spring, the prerequisites may be abridged to CASEC501 and CASEC507 by departmental approval.) With departmental approval, MAEP students may work in an off- campus internship lasting six weeks or more, receive on-the-job training complementing their academic studies, and earn academic credits towards their degrees. Grades are based on reports from student and workplace supervisor.
  • CAS EC 598: The Economics of Globalization
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CASEC201 or EC501, or equivalent; CASEC203 or EC303 or EC507, or equivalent; CASEC391 or EC591, or equivalent; CASMA121 or MA123 or CASMA127 or EC505, or equivalent; or consent of instructor.
    Analyzes various facets of globalization from both theoretical and empirical perspectives, using tools from international trade theory. Topics include firm-level trade patterns, multinational production, foreign direct investment, the creation of global vertical supply chains, outsourcing, and offshoring.