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  • CAS BI 584: Seminar: Progress in Cell and Molecular Biology
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: Open to graduate students only.
  • CAS BI 594: Topics in Neurobiology
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS BI 325 or CAS BI 201 or CAS NE 201 or CAS NE 203; , or consent of instructor.
    Examines contemporary topics in neurobiological research, drawing from recent literature. Students critically evaluate papers, assess the soundness of methods, distinguish correct from incorrect interpretations of data, and discuss the soundness of conclusions. Topic for Fall 2012: Channelopathies: When Ion Channels Go Bad.
  • CAS BI 599: Physiology of the Synapse (PER/Neuro)
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS BI 325 and CAS BI 481; (or CASBI445) and junior standing or consent of instructor.
    Structure, function, and composition of synapses in the nervous system. Topics include transmitter release and uptake, synaptogenesis and plasticity as a cellular basis for higher brain functions such as learning and memory. Emphasis on critical readings from primary literature. Three hours lecture, one hour discussion.