History of Art & Architecture

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  • CAS AH 585: Twentieth-Century Architecture and Urbanism
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior standing or permission of instructor.
    Topic for Spring 2015: TBA.
  • CAS AH 587: Green Design
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior, senior, or graduate standing.
    Explores sustainability and green architecture from the eighteenth century to present. Charts intersections of nature and built environments through methods from architectural and urban history, history of technology, and environmental history. "Green architecture" examined within historical and spatial context.
  • CAS AH 589: Topics in Nineteenth-Century Art
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior or senior (or graduate student).
    Topic for Spring 2015: Romanticism. An exploration of the art of Goya, Blake, Friedrich, Géricault, Delacroix, and others, who created enduring works of the imagination in an era of revolution, nationalism, and religious revival.
  • CAS AH 591: Seminar in Photographic History
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior or senior standing, or consent of instructor.
    Topic for Spring 2015: Documentary Photography. A study of changing uses, definitions, and archives of documentary photography from 1839 to the present. Topics include urban photography, war imagery, topographical and survey landscapes, architectural records, social reform photography, New Deal imagery, and digital documents.
  • CAS AH 598: The Sister Arts
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Explores intimate but conflicted relations between word and image in western culture. Centers on case studies, from ancient Greece to modern America, that illustrate the means by which artists and writers have attempted to combine showing and telling. Also offered as CAS EN 594.