African American Studies

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  • CAS AA 504: African American and Asian American Women Writers
    Cross-cultural comparison of selected African American and Asian American women writers examines strategies by the "Other" to navigate cultural constructions of race, class, and gender. Attention to literary histories. Also offered as CAS EN 584.
  • CAS AA 507: Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
    This study of the Harlem Renaissance (1919-1935) focuses on literature with overviews of the stage, the music, and the visual arts. Authors include Du Bois, Locke, Garvey, Schuyler, Hurston, McKay, Larsen, Fisher, Hughes, Cullen. Also offered as CAS EN 377.
  • CAS AA 510: African American Drama
    A study of African American and Afro-Caribbean dramatic literature. Focuses on the work of August Wilson, Lorraine Hansberry, Aimé Césaire, and Derek Walcott in the context of Western drama. Also offered as CAS EN 588 A1.
  • CAS AA 514: Labor, Sexuality, and Resistance in the Afro-Atlantic World
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior standing.
    The role of slavery in shaping the society and culture of the Afro-Atlantic world, highlighting the role of labor, the sexual economy of slave regimes, and the various strategies of resistance deployed by enslaved people. Also offered as CAS HI 584.
  • CAS AA 538: Studies in West Indian Literature: Caribbean Poetry
    Study of twentieth-century Caribbean poetry written in English(es), surveying anthologies and concentrating on major figured (Derek Walcott, Kamau Brathwaite, Goodison, Eric Roach). Emphases: the function of poets in small societies, and their choices concerning linguistic and aesthetic traditions. Also offered as CAS EN 586.
  • CAS AA 569: African American Economic History
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS EC 101 or CAS EC 111; and junior standing.
    Introduction to current research in African American economic history. Topics include slavery and its aftermath, the long-term evolution of racial economic differences, segregation, voting rights, and anti-discrimination legislation. Also offered as CAS EC 569.
  • CAS AA 571: African American Art
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior standing.
    Studies African American art and craft production from the early nineteenth century to the present against the background of the diaspora, reconstruction, and the modernist movements of the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Also offered as CAS AH 571.
  • CAS AA 580: The History of Racial Thought
    Study of racial thinking and feeling in Europe and the United States since the fifteenth century. Racial thinking in the context of Western encounters with non-European people and Jews; its relation to social, economic, cultural, and political trends. Also offered as CAS HI 580.
  • CAS AA 588: Women, Power, and Culture in Africa
    Understanding the role of women in African history. Topics include the Atlantic slave trade, power, religion, the economy, resistance movements, health, the state, and kinship. Emphasis on the period before independence. Also offered as CAS HI 588.
  • CAS AA 590: The World and the West
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Explores relations between the West and the Third World from 1850, focusing on national and cultural movements in the Third World, and places the African American struggle for freedom in the United States in global and comparative perspective. Also offered as CAS HI 590.