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  • CAS AA 504: African American and Asian American Women Writers
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: sophomore standing.
    Cross-cultural comparison of selected African American and Asian American women writers examines strategies by the "Other" to navigate cultural constructions of race, class, and gender. Attention to literary histories. Also offered as CAS EN 584.
  • CAS AA 507: Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
    This study of the Harlem Renaissance (1919-1935) focuses on literature with overviews of the stage, the music, and the visual arts. Authors include Du Bois, Locke, Garvey, Schuyler, Hurston, McKay, Larsen, Fisher, Hughes, Cullen. Also offered as CAS EN 377.
  • CAS AA 510: African American Drama
    A study of African American and Afro-Caribbean dramatic literature. Focuses on the work of August Wilson, Lorraine Hansberry, Aimé Césaire, and Derek Walcott in the context of Western drama. Also offered as CAS EN 588 A1.
  • CAS AA 514: Labor, Sexuality, and Resistance in the Afro-Atlantic World
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior standing.
    The role of slavery in shaping the society and culture of the Afro-Atlantic world, highlighting the role of labor, the sexual economy of slave regimes, and the various strategies of resistance deployed by enslaved people. Also offered as CAS HI 584.
  • CAS AA 569: African American Economic History
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: CAS EC 101 or CAS EC 111; and junior standing.
    Introduction to current research in African American economic history. Topics include slavery and its aftermath, the long-term evolution of racial economic differences, segregation, voting rights, and anti-discrimination legislation. Also offered as CAS EC 569.
  • CAS AA 571: African American Art
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: junior standing.
    Studies African American art and craft production from the early nineteenth century to the present against the background of the diaspora, reconstruction, and the modernist movements of the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Also offered as CAS AH 571.
  • CAS AA 580: The History of Racial Thought
    Study of racial thinking and feeling in Europe and the United States since the fifteenth century. Racial thinking in the context of Western encounters with non-European people and Jews; its relation to social, economic, cultural, and political trends. Also offered as CAS HI 580.
  • CAS AA 588: Women, Power, and Culture in Africa
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Understanding the role of women in African history. Topics include the Atlantic slave trade, power, religion, the economy, resistance movements, health, the state, and kinship. Emphasis on the period before independence. Also offered as CAS HI 588.
  • CAS AA 590: The World and the West
    Undergraduate Prerequisites: consent of instructor.
    Explores relations between the West and the Third World from 1850, focusing on national and cultural movements in the Third World, and places the African American struggle for freedom in the United States in global and comparative perspective. Also offered as CAS HI 590.
  • CAS AH 111: Introduction to Art History I: Antiquity to the Middle Ages
    An introduction to art history and the analysis of painting, sculpture, and architecture. Study of masterpieces from prehistoric to medieval times. Focus on monuments of Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages, with a survey of Egyptian and Near Eastern art. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.
  • CAS AH 112: Introduction to Art History II: Renaissance to Today
    Major monuments and artists. Sequential development, from the Renaissance to the modern period, of major styles in architecture, sculpture, painting, graphic arts, and photography. Relationship of visual art to social and cultural trends. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.
  • CAS AH 201: Understanding Architecture: Theoretical Approaches to the Built Environment
    Introduces a range of approaches to the analysis of architecture. Learn how scholars and architects have interpreted meaning in architecture through the rubrics of art, structure, language, nonverbal communication, experience, and culture.
  • CAS AH 204: Topics in Religion and the Visual Arts
    Explores interplay between religion and art through the study of historical, contemporary examples. Topic changes each year. May be repeated for credit. Topic for Fall 2014: Buddhist Art of Asia. Study of the philosophical underpinnings, use and social significance of Buddhist Art in India, Tibet, China, and Indonesia. Special attention to the communication of key Buddhist concepts and practices through the use of visual narrative strategies. Also offered as CAS RN 204.
  • CAS AH 205: Architecture: An Introduction
    Examination of the factors involved in architectural design including program, spatial composition, structure, technology, iconography, and the role of architecture in society. Discussion of major monuments of Western architecture and urbanism from ancient Egypt to the twenty-first century. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.
  • CAS AH 215: Arts of Africa
    Exploration of key themes in royal art and architecture from western central, eastern, and southern Africa. Topics include state cosmology, dynastic history, palace architecture, royal regalia and ceremonies, court women, and the importance of art in diplomacy and war. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.
  • CAS AH 220: Islamic Art and Architecture
    Examines key monuments of Islamic art and architecture within their historical and cultural context, and emphasizes the diversity within the visual cultures of the Islamic world. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.
  • CAS AH 222: Art and Architecture in Ancient America
    Introduction to the cities, monuments, and major art styles of the Aztec, the Maya, the Inca, and their predecessors in ancient Mesoamerica and the Andes from the first millennium BC to the sixteenth century.
  • CAS AH 225: The Arts of Asia
    Surveys of the major artistic traditions of Asia. Important monuments are examined analytically in order to explain why certain forms and styles are characteristic of specific times and places, and how these monuments functioned in their cultural contexts. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS.
  • CAS AH 232: Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
    The technology, economy, social life, political organization, religions, art, and architecture of Egypt from Predynastic times through the Hellenistic period, based on archaeological and historical sources. Emphasis on the period of the pharaohs (ca. 3000-323 BCE). Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS. Also offered as CAS AR 232.
  • CAS AH 233: The Arts of Greece
    Greek architecture, painting, sculpture, and minor arts. Emphasis on developments in Athens and on the creation of the classical style in art and architecture.