Combined MD/MBA Program

The dual degree MD/MBA program links the MD with intensive management education at a top business school providing graduates with a full MBA with a concentration in the health sector. This five-year program is designed for students interested in both clinical medicine and the business aspects of medicine, and is tailored for individuals seeking careers in clinical leadership in the for-profit and not-for-profit industries. Graduates pursue careers in a wide range of health care, such as traditional health care delivery, academia, life sciences, health information technology, government service, and entrepreneurship—where graduates become leaders in starting new health care ventures.

Degree Requirements

The MD/MBA program is conducted under the joint auspices of the School of Medicine and the School of Management. Students complete the first three years pursuing the standard medical school curriculum and then spend their fourth year fully integrated into the MBA program at the School of Management. During this fourth year, students take 36 credit hours of management courses, completing a full core MBA education. In the fifth year, students complete their remaining clinical medical course elective requirements and 7 management course credits at the School of Management, emphasizing the health sector.

A management-oriented internship in a health sector business setting is also required, which is completed flexibly depending on the intended clinical specialty and schedule of the student. The business internship provides a compelling real-world experience to complement the intensive, experiential education provided in the classroom.

To earn both degrees, students must successfully complete the required classroom and clinical coursework for the MD, the required coursework for the MBA, and a 400-hour field placement “internship” in a health care business or organization. Students must earn the grade of Pass or Honors in all MD courses and must maintain a grade point average of 2.7 (on a scale of 4.0) in all MBA courses to successfully complete the program.

The MD is awarded by the BU School of Medicine, and the MBA with a concentration in Health Sector Management is awarded by the BU Graduate School of Management.



Requirements for the MD/MBA program are the same as the traditional MD program (course requirements, MCAT, essays, etc.) plus the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). We recommend that the GMAT be completed as early in the process as is convenient for the applicant. Students traditionally sit for this examination and submit their dual degree application sometime during their second year of medical school.


Students should express their interest in the MD/MBA program when they apply to medical school or can apply any time during their first three years at BUSM. We recommend that interested students contact N. Stephen Ober, MD, Program Director, MD/MBA Dual Degree Program (617-645-3193) and/or Professor Andrea Sodano, PhD, Acting Faculty Director, Health Sector Management Program, School of Management (617-633-3398) to discuss the program as early as they identify their potential interest.

In addition to the usual medical school application requirements, applicants for this combined degree program must submit the following materials to the Graduate School of Management Admissions Office:

  • Online application form including answers to required essay questions
  • Application fee of $125 payable to Boston University
  • Current résumé
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • GMAT results: Request official scores and include a copy with your application package (GMAT test scores are valid for five years)
  • Official copies of all university-level transcripts (undergraduate and graduate)

Please have all transcripts mailed to:

Boston University School of Management
Graduate Admission Office
595 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

Applicants should attach a letter to both the School of Medicine and Graduate School of Management stating that they are applying to the combined MD/MBA program. It is most common for students to apply to the MD/MBA program after they have begun medical school. As noted above, interested students should contact Dr. Ober and/or Professor Sodano for more information.