University Policy

Within the University

If space is available and if permitted by the school or college giving the course, students may cross-register and receive degree credit for courses outside their school or college of registration. In most cases, a student’s advisor must approve cross-registration selections. Courses offered by Metropolitan College may require special permission.

With Other Universities

Several schools and colleges within Boston University have formal, cooperative arrangements for cross-registration at nearby institutions. Information and permission may be obtained from the student’s school or college.

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Policy


Within Boston University: Non-Arts & Sciences Courses

A student in a master’s degree program normally may not register for more than one graduate-level semester course given by a school or college at Boston University other than the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences or the College of Arts & Sciences, unless the courses are listed in this bulletin. A student in a PhD degree program may not register for more than two such courses. All courses must be approved by the student’s major advisor and department.

With Other Academic Institutions

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences students who wish to cross-register for a graduate course at another academic institution should obtain a Cross-Registration Form from the Office of the University Registrar, 881 Commonwealth Avenue. Students must consult with their advisors, receive advisor approval on the form, and receive approval from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences office. They must then present the form to the graduate school registrar of the host institution.

During a given academic year, a student is permitted to cross-register only once. Cross-registrants should expect to satisfy all prerequisites and requirements for courses as indicated by the host institution. Tuition for such courses is charged at Boston University rates in the usual manner.