Tel Aviv Engineering Program

The Tel Aviv Engineering Program, hosted by Tel Aviv University, one of Israel’s leading universities, offers students the opportunity to pursue engineering in a dynamic international setting while making normal progress toward their degrees. Set in Israel’s largest city, the program carries no prior language requirement but allows students to engage with the Hebrew language and Israeli culture in order to gain a true sense of engineering as a global profession.

The Tel Aviv Engineering Program is offered during the spring semester and is ideally suited to second semester sophomores in all engineering majors. Engineering and science courses are taught in English by Tel Aviv University faculty members.

Program Curriculum

During the first five weeks of the program students take Ulpan, an intensive five-credit Hebrew language course with other international students. They then enroll in one required course and three elective courses to finish out the semester. Note: Syllabi are for course approval and reference only. Students will receive up-to-date syllabi when their courses begin.

Required Courses

Students are required to enroll in at least one course in the Humanities or Social Sciences selected from approved overseas program courses. All required courses are taught in English and carry three credits.

Elective Courses

Students choose three of the following technical courses. Each course carries four credits. Taught in English.

CAS MA 226: Differential Equations (4)

(Prerequisite: CAS MA 225 or CAS MA 230, or the equivalent.) First-order linear and separable equations. Second-order equations and first-order systems. Linear equations and linearization. Numerical and qualitative analysis. Laplace transforms. Applications and modeling of real phenomena throughout. (Cannot be taken for credit in addition to CAS MA 231.)

CAS PY 313: Waves and Modern Physics (4)

(Prerequisites: CAS PY 211, CAS PY 212 and CAS MA 124, or the equivalent.) Focuses on waves and physical optics, relativistic mechanics, experimental foundations of quantum mechanics, atomic structure, physics of molecules and solids, atomic nuclei, and elementary particles.

ENG EK 307: Electric Circuits (4)

(Prerequisite: ENG EK 127. Corequisite: CAS MA 226, or the equivalent.) Introduction to electric circuit analysis and design; voltage, current, and power, element I-V curves, circuit laws and theorems; energy storage; frequency domain, frequency response, transient response, sinusoidal steady state and transfer functions; and operational amplifiers, design. Includes lab.

ENG BE 209: Principles of Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology (4)

(Prerequisite: high school biology and at least one semester of college chemistry.) For biomedical engineers. Principles of cell and molecular biology and biochemistry emphasizing biomolecules, the flow of genetic information, cell structure and function, and cell regulation. Three hours lecture, three hours lab. Syllabus

Program Details

  • Some courses carry prerequisites
  • No prior knowledge of Hebrew is required
  • Admissions requirements for all programs
Program Dates
  • Spring Semester: late January to late June

Please note that this program is only offered during the spring semester.

  • Upon successful completion of the program, students earn twenty Boston University credits. Students must enroll for a total of twenty credits.
  • The dormitories are divided into suites of one or two bedrooms, depending on the particular building, with two students assigned to each bedroom. The suites are small apartments, each having a modest kitchen, dining area, and bathroom, which are all shared by the suitemates.
Application Deadlines
  • Spring Semester: October 1

Please Note: After October 1, applications will continue to be accepted on a space-available basis. Notification of admissions begins after the application deadline.

Download a description of the Tel Aviv Engineering Program.

Program Staff

Mary Ogburn, Program Manager