Shanghai Chinese Studies Program (Summer)

The Shanghai Chinese Studies Program at Shanghai’s Fudan University offers eight weeks of intensive language study. Students will live and study in China’s largest and most vibrant city. An undeniably modern city, Shanghai preserves the legacy of its strong colonial past.

Program Curriculum

The core curriculum centers around approximately 15 to 20 hours each week of language instruction, emphasizing grammar, oral comprehension, and speaking. Students may expect to spend at least an equal number of hours in study outside the classroom. Courses are augmented by a five-day educational excursion to an historic city or to the countryside to experience village life, a weekend trip to a Yangzi River delta city like Hangzhou or another canal town, and visits to local cultural sights.

Students study the equivalent of two semesters of Chinese language.  Students must enroll for a total of eight credits.

Note: Syllabi are for course approval and reference only. Students will receive up-to-date syllabi when their courses begin.


CAS LC 111/112: First- and Second-Semester Chinese (8)

Essentials of structure, oral practice, introduction to the writing system.  Syllabus


CAS LC 211/212: Third- and Fourth-Semester Chinese (8)

(Prerequisite: CAS LC 112 Second-Semester Chinese, or the equivalent.) Review of structure and grammar, practice in conversation and writing, introduction to reading. Syllabus

CAS LC 311/312: Third-Year Modern Chinese I and II (8)

(Prerequisite: CAS LC 212 Fourth-Semester Chinese, or the equivalent.) Readings in modern Chinese. Readings and discussion in Chinese of selected nonliterary and literary materials, including newspaper articles, short stories, and essays. Regular compositions required.  Syllabus

CAS LC 411/412: Fourth-Year Modern Chinese I and II (8)

(Prerequisite: CAS LC 312 Third-Year Modern Chinese II, or the equivalent.) Advanced-level readings in modern Chinese. Discussion in Chinese of literary materials in various forms and styles. Special attention to works written between 1919 and 1949. Regular compositions and lab work (tapes and films).  Syllabus

Program Details

  • Open to students with no prior coursework in Chinese and to those who have completed the beginning and intermediate levels
  • Some language courses carry prerequisites
  • Students are strongly recommended to apply for their passport by the time they apply to the program
  • Admissions requirements for all programs
Program Dates
  • Summer Term: Mid-June to mid-August
  • Upon successful completion of the program, students earn eight Boston University credits. Students must enroll for a total of eight credits.
  • Housing is provided in apartment-style student residences at the Tonghe International Village adjacent to the Fudan campus. Each apartment includes two or three bedrooms, a common area, kitchen, and a bathroom shared with one other student. Students are each assigned a single room.
Application Deadlines
  • Summer Term: March 1

Download a description of the Shanghai Chinese Studies Program (Summer).

Program Staff

The Boston University Shanghai Programs are administered by staff at Boston University. A program manager oversees the admissions and pre-departure procedures, and maintains contact with students prior to their arrival in Shanghai. The Boston office also houses the resident director who is responsible for everyday operations.