BU’s five Paris programs make the most of France’s capital city. The spring semester Paris Management Internship Program, offered in conjunction with the University of Paris IX-Dauphine, consists of three courses taken at Dauphine, plus an academic internship (which will most likely fulfill a liberal arts level B requirement). Placement in one of the two academic tracks offered depends on the amount of college-level French classes the student has already taken.

  • All students must enroll according to, and remain in compliance with, the Boston University Study Abroad Course Load Policy.
  • Track I: Zero to 5 semesters of college-level French
  • Track II: Minimum of six semesters of college-level French
  • Priority will be given to students enrolled in a French language course within the year preceding their semester in Paris.
  • Admissions requirements for all programs
Students are enrolled at the University of Paris IX-Dauphine and have access to Dauphine facilities and services. Upon successful completion of the program, students earn 16 Boston University credits. Students receive BU Questrom School of Business credit for management courses taken in this program.

BU Questrom School of Business students should refer to Questrom’s lists of pre-approved courses before applying.

Track I is designed for students with no previous French language or who have completed through fourth- or fifth-semester French. Students must enroll in one French language course and two courses in English (Management or Liberal Arts courses). The internship placement and all internship course requirements will be conducted in English. For students who have completed four to five semesters of French, the internship placement and course will be conducted in French.

Track II is designed for more advanced students who have completed through six or more semesters of college-level French. Track II includes the internship course, a course on France or Europe, and two elective courses. The internship placement and course will be conducted in French. Students must take at least one of their elective courses in French.

Internship Areas

Internships are available in both French and English. Students who have taken four or more semesters of French at the university level (or the equivalent) should expect their internship to be conducted in French. Internships in English are reserved for students who have taken fewer than four semesters of French at the university level (or the equivalent) and will be offered in the following sectors only: marketing, communications, start-ups.

Note: the following are examples of past internship placements only. While BU Study Abroad guarantees an internship to program participants, specific placements vary from semester to semester and may not always be available. Likewise, internship placements may be available in academic areas not listed. The level of proficiency in the target language is an important factor, which internship supervisors will take into account.

  • Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations
    • Serve in marketing and product development, press relations, events management, or public relations. Past internship placements have included Le Book, Set in Paris, Dlab Shop, Mediatic, Brain for Beauty, MEEDEX, Quartier General, and Reputation Squad.
  • Arts & Arts Administration
    • Serve in museums, galleries, and related cultural institutions. Recent placements have included Galerie Maeght, Artistik Reso, Galerie Richard, Galerie RX, and Théâtre in Paris.
  • Business & Economics
    • Serve in the marketing or research departments of French companies. Recent placements have included Humour Consulting, JPA International, Finance Innovation, and Q.S. Paris.
  • Film & Media
    • Experience small film and production companies. Recent placements have included Forecast Pictures, European Producers Club, and ECU Film Festival.
  • Health & Human Services
    • Observe and assist in hospital, therapy, or educational programs. Serve in health centers, social and cultural centers, or community care centers. Recent placements have included Hôpital des Quinze-Vingt, Hôpital Franco-Britannique, Centre Popincourt, and Centre Social Belleville.
  • Hospitality Administration
    • Serve in the hospitality industry in such fields as hotel or event management. Recent placements have included Hotel Buci, Hotel Baume, Family Twist, Comforts of Home, BNB Sitter.
  • Journalism
    • Help with research and translation with some limited writing tasks for online magazines.  Recent placements have included Inspirelle, Les Louves, WorldCrunch and Webistan.
  • Politics & International Relations
    • Serve in NGOs or international institutions. Recent placements have included AERI (teaching and learning about the Resistance), Robin des Bois (environmental protection agency), Children of Prisoners Europe (parent-child relations), EGAM, Ambassade du Méxique, Jeunes Européens France, Promothée Humanitaire, and CRIDES.

The Global Learning Experience: An Online Course

Students in all Fall and Spring programs have the opportunity to enroll in The Global Learning Experience at no additional cost.

  • CAS IP101 The Global Learning Experience (1 credit)
    • All program participants have the opportunity to make the most of their semester abroad with The Global Learning Experience, a self-paced, Pass/Fail course with brief readings and experiential assignments that accompany them while living and studying in a country and culture different from their own. Students post their work, experiences and observations to an online platform to trace and articulate their achievements abroad from an academic, personal and professional standpoint. The course links students with the faculty instructors as well as peers studying on other BU Study Abroad programs around the world. Students earn one credit in addition to the total program credits mentioned below at no additional cost.
    • Syllabus

Local Homestay or University Dormitory
  • Individual bedrooms in local family home
  • Each room includes a bed, a desk, and some storage space
  • Linens are provided and washed regularly
  • Kitchen access is allowed with reserved space in cabinets and refrigerator, and full use of the appliances to prepare meals
  • Board not included; students eat 1 meal/week with family. No stipend.
  • Host families provide laundry and internet
  • Single rooms
  • Rooms include a shower and toilet
  • Shared kitchen
  • Board not included, no stipend
  • Students may eat at the student cafeteria
  • Laundry facilities at the residence hall

There are gyms at the university and in town. Students can study at the BU Paris Center. Many students study at home, as university libraries have more restricted hours than in the US.

  • Spring Semester: early January to late May

Please note: This program is only offered during the spring semester.

  • Spring Semester: October 1