London Music Program with the Royal College of Music

Boston University’s London Music Program offers students the opportunity to live and study in one of the world’s most important cities for music performance. The program is offered in collaboration with the Royal College of Music in London, an internationally recognized institution specializing in musical education and professional training for performers and composers. The London Music Program will expand the existing academic and artistic offerings of the School of Music and will provide students with an opportunity to further their theoretical and musicological studies.

Program Curriculum

Students receive all music instruction through the RCM including Music Theory, Music History, Psychology of Performance, as well as one-on-one music lessons. Students also join the RCM Orchestra, Chamber groups, and Choral Ensemble. Before taking classes at RCM, students take an intense liberal arts course. This course, AH 381 London Architecture and Urbanism, is taught by BU British Programmes faculty through a combination of lectures and walking tours. Note: Syllabi are for course approval and reference only. Students will receive up-to-date syllabi when their courses begin.

Required Courses

Syllabi are for course approval and reference only. Students will receive up-to-date syllabi when their courses begin. All students will register for:

CAS AH 381: London Architecture and Urbanism (4 credits)

This course aims to provide an introduction to the history of London and its buildings. The growth of the city as a historical phenomenon, covering early-modern London to the present day and the development of various Architectural styles will be discussed in the context of social, political, economic, and social change. The course is aimed at a wide audience rather than architectural specialists, although some familiarity with British history is helpful. Several different faculty teach this course throughout the academic year. Syllabus

CFA MH 321: Medieval Music (3)

At the end of this unit, you should be able to draw on a broad and informed awareness of selected composers, performers, musical genres, and artistic ideas and show a more extensive knowledge of musical history. You will develop ideas on the method of musical/historical study, and use both primary and secondary sources to arrive at an informed and detailed understanding of genres and/or repertoire, their context and their performance history. Finally, you will be able to articulate that knowledge and apply it with imagination and resource to your chosen written assignments.

CFA MT 301: Music Theory 5 (2)

Individual musicianship problems developed according to the major area of study. Formal and compositional idioms of the Romantic period of music. Individual study or compositional projects.

Students will register for additional courses dependent upon their individual program, for a total of 16 to 20 credits.

Program Details

Program Dates
  • Fall Semester: late August to mid December

    Please note that this program is only offered during the fall semester.

    • Upon successful completion of the program, students earn sixteen to twenty Boston University credits. Students must enroll for a minimum of sixteen credits.
    Application Deadlines
    • Fall Semester: March 15 

    Download a description of the London Music Program with the Royal College of Music.

    Program Faculty & Staff

    All Boston University London programs are administered in coordination with our Boston and London offices. In Boston a program manager facilitates the admissions and pre-departure procedures and maintains contact with students prior to their arrival in London. The Boston office also houses administrative personnel who are responsible for everyday operations. In London the staff comprises a resident director as well as administrative, academic, and housing personnel.