London College of General Studies Program in the Natural Sciences (Summer)

BU Study Abroad, in conjunction with the College of General Studies (CGS), offers a unique program for students interested in the natural sciences.

Program Curriculum

The coursework provides a hands-on historical approach to the acquisition of knowledge in the sciences. Museums and historical sites in and around London complement the coursework.

Students in enroll in these courses:

CGS NS 201: Biology 1 (4 credits)

Paradigm Shifts and Contemporary Application in Biology. This course examines general concepts in the biological sciences concentrating on the process of gaining knowledge in the sciences and the integrative nature of biology. Beginning with observation of natural events the course uses models of time measurement (Astronomical, Precise, Geological) to provide the foundation for the unifying concept in biology – Organic Evolution. The paradigm shift in thinking about species (particularly humans) brought about by the Darwinian Revolution, as well as modern views of evolution using genetic models are considered. Trips to the Royal Society, Stonehenge, the Royal Observatory, the South Downs, Cambridge and Down House form the laboratory component of the course. The course uses an experiential, student-directed model to facilitate learning. Syllabus

CGS NS 202: Biology II (4)

Human Ecology and Sustainability in an Urban Environment. This course examines the basic ecological requirements for life and focuses on the problems and prospects posed by humans living in urban environments. Using London as both an historical and contemporary example of an urban environment the course focuses on ecological principles (energy flow, biogeochemical cycling and population dynamics) as a foundation to access the sustainability of London. Using the “ecosystem” represented by London the course takes an in-depth look at how ecological and environmental issues occurred and were managed from the Victorian time to the present. Trips to the Museum of London, The Wetlands Center, specific districts of London (the Embankments, Soho, East London), and the Victorian Sewage Station at Crossness form the laboratory component of the course. The course uses an experiential, student-directed model to facilitate learning. Syllabus

Program Details

Program Dates
  • Summer Term: Late June to early August
  • Upon successful completion of the program, students earn eight Boston University credits. All students must complete the eight-credit program.
Application Deadlines
  • Summer Term: December 1

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Program Faculty & Staff

All Boston University London programs are administered in coordination with our Boston and London offices. In Boston a program manager facilitates the admissions and pre-departure procedures and maintains contact with students prior to their arrival in London. The Boston office also houses administrative personnel who are responsible for everyday operations. In London the staff comprises a resident director as well as administrative, academic, and housing personnel.