London College of General Studies Program in the Natural Sciences (Summer)

BU Study Abroad, in conjunction with the College of General Studies (CGS), offers a unique program for students interested in the natural sciences.

Program Curriculum

The coursework provides a hands-on historical approach to the acquisition of knowledge in the sciences. Museums and historical sites in and around London complement the coursework.

Required Courses

Students in enroll in these courses:

CGS NS 299: Biology 1 (4 credits)

This course examines the development of our understanding of time, motion, and matter. The course begins with a review of historical observational astronomy concentrating on observations of motion and the use of astronomical data by ancient civilizations. Additional topics covered include the concept of longitude and time keeping, Newtonian mechanics, the structure of matter, and an introduction to structural geology. The course will include lectures, discussions of readings, museum visits, computer-assisted laboratory assignments, and fieldwork. Visits may include Stonehenge, Avebury, the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, the Geological Society of London, Cambridge and Oxford Universities, and the Bath area. Syllabus

CGS NS 300: Human Ecology/ Global Ecology: Humans, London & the Thames River (4)

This course examines the historical development of the Darwinian Revolution in biology. The course will initially examine pioneering work in taxonomy conducted by John Ray and Carolus Linnaeus. Linnaeus, although a Swedish botanist, was a phenomenon in England in the 1700s, and he stimulated British scientists to actively document the biological diversity that was being discovered throughout the world. The cataloging of biological diversity was enhanced by and also stimulated the growth and development of the British Empire. The ideas developed from taxonomy will support the exploration of Darwin’s theory of evolution by means of natural selection. The course will consist of lectures, discussions of readings, museum visits, and fieldwork. Visits may include Kew Gardens, the Chelsea Physic Garden, Cambridge and Oxford Universities, the Museum of Natural History, and Down House (Darwin’s home). Syllabus

Program Details

Program Dates
  • Summer Term: Late June to early August
  • Upon successful completion of the program, students earn eight Boston University credits. All students must complete the eight-credit program.
Application Deadlines
  • Summer Term: December 1

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Program Faculty & Staff

All Boston University London programs are administered in coordination with our Boston and London offices. In Boston a program manager facilitates the admissions and pre-departure procedures and maintains contact with students prior to their arrival in London. The Boston office also houses administrative personnel who are responsible for everyday operations. In London the staff comprises a resident director as well as administrative, academic, and housing personnel.