First, verify that the program you are interested in is eligible for credit transfer by meeting with the Program Manager, External Programs. For more information, please review the Transfer Credit Approval Process page.

The Program Manager, External Programs will notify you of your programs eligibility. If our offices approves your program, you will need to apply directly to the program provider or overseas university. To determine if you meet their eligibility requirements for admission you will need to check their website. If you are concerned because you fall slightly outside their criteria, feel free to schedule a meeting with the Program Manager of External Programs to determine how to strengthen your application or pick a more suitable program.

Many study abroad programs and overseas universities require the signature of a Boston University administrator and may request the signature of a “dean” or “director” of study abroad or your advisor.

This document should be signed by the Program Manager of External Programs at BU Study Abroad. Submit this form to our office and make sure you have filled out any sections to be completed by the student. You will also need to turn in your signed Participation Policy Acknowledgement form. This can be downloaded from the Transfer Credit Approval Process page or picked up from our office. Your materials will be reviewed and returned directly to the external program. We will contact you if we have any questions or concerns. These forms will not be signed during office hours.