Sydney Shout! Newsletter

Get a real feel for what it’s like to study Down Under with “The Sydney Shout!” a magazine filled with stories and photos that showcase the experiences of students studying in Australia.

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Shout 5 The fifth edition of The Sydney Shout! Some topics for this issue include life lessons learned from studying abroad, internships and advice for future students.
Sout 4 In this fourth issue of The Sydney Shout!, articles include Mardi Gras in Australia, a photo contest and an adventure in Hobart, Tasmania.
Shout 3 In this third issue of The Sydney Shout!, students talk about their love affair with Australia, the game cricket and the Kakadu National Park.
Shout 2 The second issue of the The Sydney Shout! Articles include a red carpet internship, the concept of “mateship” and the launch of the Sydney travel writing program.
Shout 1The first issue of The Sydney Shout! for the 1’07 semester. Articles include a meeting with the Australian Prime Minister, the Indian Pacific Railway and students’ favorite places in Australia.