Art, History, and Wine-Tasting in Verona

Students of the Spring 2010 Padua Language & Liberal Arts Program went on a day-trip to Verona as part of their Intensive Month activities. The visit started at the Basilica di San Zeno, an admirable example of Romanesque art and architecture, and continued with a walk by the Roman Arena that took students and BU faculty to the center of the Roman and Medieval city.

After enjoying the views of Piazza delle Erbe, Verona’s pulsing heart since the ancient times and very much alive today with a colorful market and trendy cafés, students tasted delicious regional food at a typical trattoria. The visit of downtown Verona closed with a stop by Juliet’s famous balcony, but the trip continued in Soave, the suggestive Medieval village on the hills of Verona, with a tour of the Pieropan winery and a tasting of their renowned white wines, a unique chance for the students to experience first-hand the centuries-old wine making tradition of the region.

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