Padua: What Students Say

Read what our past students have said about the Padua Programs.

Also check out the photo collection from Padua.


cooking-3Cooking Class by Hope Ladd

“Living with an Italian family provides an amazing opportunity for really emerging yourself in the culture here in Padova. Before you know you it you begin to feel like a true Italian!” Read more

Stasi-2Returning to Italian Roots by Marly Stasi

“A huge part of my desire to study in Italy was based on the idea that I would be able to visit family and make connections with relatives I had never met.” Read more

La-FeniceOpera e Balletto by Mary Ridley

“For my cultural project, I studied the role of ballet in Italian opera, in particular those of Giuseppe Verdi.” Read more


opera2Opera Reflection by Brittany Culpepper

“It was a stunning show and a neat experience to see the opera in that arena under the stars and moon. It is an experience I will remember forever.” Read more

gardone3A Trip to Gardone by Brooke Cunningham

“We toured the town of Gardone Riviera and the gardens around D’Annuzio’s house, as well as an amphitheater that seemed to come out of nowhere and which overlooked the lake.” Read more

Goliardia1Meeting the Goliardia by Laura Allin

“This semester while studying in Padua, Italy, I have experienced many things that seemed at the time a bit unbelievable. However, nothing has been so surreal as my encounter with the Italian Goliardi.” Read more

Christine-MykityshynLife With My Family in Padua by Christine Mykityshyn

“When getting to know my family in Padua, it seemed like the only language I needed to be fluent in was that of Italian cuisine. Luckily, I’ve had this down pat for many years. But it’s not just my host-mom’s cooking that has come in large part to define my stay here.” Read more

prato-della-valleThoughts on Tandem Learning by Emily Forgione

“The Tandem program definitely ranks high on my list of favorite things about my semester abroad. In addition to greatly improving my conversational Italian skills, I have developed a lasting friendship with an Italian peer outside the nightlife and ‘discoteca’ setting.” Read more

milan-soccer3At a Soccer Game in Milan by Christopher Behmke

“Andrea, Lauren, and I wanted to go to a soccer game in Italy, so we chose to go to the biggest soccer-city in the country: Milan.” Read more

lorologio-in-piazza-dei-signoriThoughts on Padua by Donielle Muransky

“Beyond the academic side of the program, the city of Padua is one of my favorite cities in Italy. I chose Padua because I knew it was a city void of the tourists and English speakers where I would be forced to develop my Italian language skills.” Read more

padova-euganean-hillsSki Stories in Padua by Daniel Loperfido

Before I made it to Italy, I had made it a goal to reach the mountains to snowboard at least a couple of times. Without accurate information, I knew a certain level of dedication would be necessary to reach the ‘piste’ or trails.” Read more