Graphic Design in London 2007

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2007 Collaborative Workshop: The Shape of Water

Boston University British Programs, London and Kunstschule Wandsbek, Hamburg

How does the common substance Water, which is absolutely necessary to all known forms of life, influence our way of thinking, our perceptions, our way of looking as graphic designers? What possibilities and opportunities do Berlin, London, and Hamburg offer us to visually articulate these three cities’ water sources, considering the various geographical locations of this substance?

To find answers to these questions, students participated in a two-day workshop conducted by the Berlin graphic designer and educator Armin Knoll.

The objective of the workshop was to compare and contrast Berlin, London and Hamburg water sources by taking a closer look at their locations in all three cities. Knoll gave each student a small bottle containing Berlin water and photographic images from the workshop blog.

Following a slide lecture about how living and working in or visiting a city influences our way of looking as graphic designers, Knoll asked the students to conceptualize, juxtapose and utilize the contents of their received Berlin water and create new designs in the context of London water. Furthermore, each student was responsible for emptying half their bottles and refilling them with London water. Students had to then document this water source by taking a photograph from the North, South, East and West. In addition, the students were asked to list ten impressions of water using one word as well as one positive and negative association of water at the introduction of the workshop.

The final designs were a series of compositions using photography, graphics, illustration and typography.

bu_classroom_workshop bu_classroom_workshop_one workshop_water


Naomi Abel Colin Mahoney Michelle Beaton Maggi Massad Eric Belefski Jaime Simon Michael Deal Sonia Teixeira Alexandra Haime Stefanie Pitaro Jinkyung Lee Emily Van Tassel Chris Leone Professor Richard Doubleday Lisa Luke