Graphic Design in London

The Graphic Design in London program is no longer running. However, we have a new upcoming graphic design program in Venice. Check back for more updates.

Richard B. Doubleday taught the course Graphic Design in Britain at Boston University British Programmes until 2012. Graphic Design in Britain, which was offered in the London Liberal Arts Program, emphasized London’s rich visual tradition as one of the world’s most important cities for graphic design. The city’s design literacy is nurtured by generations-old signage and graphics of the London Underground, its museums of fine and applied arts, as well as the largest concentration of design and advertising firms in the world. Taking advantage of the resources within London allowed students to make meaningful connections in their own work.

This course provided a thorough grounding in problem-solving skills related to graphic design, with emphasis on the selection and communication of appropriate pictorial images, symbols, and typography. The study of methods and procedures used in the practice of graphic design were taught in relation to the culture of England. Sessions focused on several areas through in-class projects and workshops: London concept book, gallery postcard design, National Theatre poster design, and the history of graphic design with particular emphasis on the contribution and influence of graphic design work by English-born artists. Projects included research at various cultural institutions and libraries in London, design strategy, composition, and print techniques. In addition to the use of typographic systems and structures to solve practical communication problems, there was an emphasis on the exploration of typography as an expressive element. Students examined and discussed the impact of technology on the visual arts from contemporary and historical perspectives. Guest speakers and design studio visits complemented the coursework. Graphic design students also had the option to participate in an internship along with their courses.








Graphic Design in London 2006



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Graphic Design in London 2007, Picadilly Circus

2007, Picadilly Circus


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