Camels share the streets with taxicabs. Senegalese restaurants sit chockablock with Chinese karaoke. Traders and street food abound in what some have called the extended village of Niger’s capital city. It’s all quite adventurous and thrilling, and certainly not your typical semester abroad.

The program offers real insight into the culture, people, and history of Niger, the largest nation in West Africa. Students take one required course and two electives, and may enroll in one language course, too, including the native languages Hausa and Zarma.

Housing is dormitory style in the same buildings as the classrooms and the computer facilities. Everyone shares meals, chores, and household duties. This communal living arrangement, a truly Sahelian experience, forms the core of the program and provides one of its greatest learning experiences.

Along with courses and fieldwork, the program also offers participants a number of planned study trips and cultural activities, which, in the past, have included visits to Peace Corps volunteers’ villages, an overnight stay in a game park, a day trip to a weekly livestock market, and an outing to see the last free-roaming herd of giraffes in West Africa.

Programs in Niamey