In a 24/7 global news environment, politics and the media have become increasingly interdependent, creating challenges for professionals in both fields. The London Graduate Mass Communication Program offers students the opportunity to spend 12 weeks studying global marketing communication and mass media while participating in a full-time internship.

In class, students will analyze the impact of digital media in the production of British identity, as well as the fundamentals of marketing in a multinational context. A full-time internship will then take students from theory to practice.

Program Curriculum

The first six weeks are spent taking two core courses. In the last seven weeks, students work full-time in their internships and complete a research project or thesis. All courses are offered at the graduate level.

Students take these two courses during the first phase of the program:

COM CM 738: Global Marketing Communication (4)

Issues covered include nationality, branding, international distribution, sales promotion, advertising, public relations, and intercultural marketing. Students analyze case studies and decisions in the management of marketing in a multinational context.  Syllabus

COM CM 744: British Media in the Digital Age (4)

The course will introduce the student to the wide range British media, from national institutions such as the main newspapers and the BBC, to the new digital media. It will provide an overview of the history and current status of the country’s media, and offer a sound introduction to other sectors of the creative industries, such as theater, music and fashion. The course will focus especially on the theme of Britishness, and on how national identity is expressed in the institutions, practices and products of the media.  Syllabus

Students participate in an internship and complete a research course in the second phrase.

COM CM 809: Graduate Internship (4)

Students intern in journalism, advertising, or public relations agencies, corporate marketing or public relations departments, or other communications organizations.

COM CM 909: Thesis or Project Research (4)

The type of graduate project selected will depend on the major and academic focus of each student. COM students will complete a professional project. IR/COM students will write a research paper.

Program Details

  • Bachelor’s degree required. Preference will be given to students enrolled in a graduate degree program. Other applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Admissions requirements for all programs
Program Dates
  • Summer Term: Late May to early August
  • Upon successful completion of the program, students earn 16 Boston University credits. Students must enroll for a total of 16 credits.
Application Deadlines
  • Summer Term: February 15 

Download a description of the London Graduate Mass Communication Program.

Program Faculty & Staff

All Boston University London programs are administered in coordination with our Boston and London offices. In Boston a program manager facilitates the admissions and pre-departure procedures and maintains contact with students prior to their arrival in London. The Boston office also houses administrative personnel who are responsible for everyday operations. In London the staff comprises a resident director as well as administrative, academic, and housing personnel.