Summer Programs

Boston University Study Abroad runs more than 25 summer programs in locations around the world. Utilizing the facilities, teachers, and resources used in our regular programs, the summer programs give BU and non-BU students the chance to live, study, and in many cases, intern abroad and earn BU credits.

Rabat Arabic Language and Service Learning Program

Rabat Arabic Language & Service Learning Program (Summer)

This program offers intensive Arabic language study and a hands-on introduction to Moroccan and North African culture through service learning.
Tags: Arabic Speaking, Rabat
Focus: African Studies, Arabic Language, Development Studies, Middle East Studies

Rio de Janeiro Intensive Portuguese Language Program (Summer)

Students speedily gain proficiency in Portuguese language, spending the summer in the colorful cultural center of Rio.
Tags: Portuguese Speaking, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Undergraduate
Focus: Latin American Studies, Portuguese Language

Shanghai Intensive Chinese Language Program

Shanghai Chinese Studies Program (Summer)

This program offers Chinese language study at the first, second, and third-year levels as well as a chance to spend eight weeks living and studying China’s largest and most vibrant city.
Tags: Chinese Speaking, English Speaking, Shanghai, Undergraduate
Focus: Chinese Language

Sydney Entertainment Promotion and Film Studies Program

Sydney Film Festival & Internship Program (Summer)

Students have the opportunity to spend eight weeks studying contemporary film, complete an internship in film & television, and participate in the annual Sydney Film Festival.
Tags: Offers Graduate Credit, Sydney, Undergraduate
Focus: Communication, Film & Television

Travel Writing in Australia

Travel Writing in Australia (Summer)

Students have the opportunity to study and produce travel writing in both the creative and the professional forms of the genre.
Tags: English Speaking, Offers Graduate Credit, Sydney, Undergraduate
Focus: Communication, English/Creative Writing, Journalism, Travel Writing, Writing

Venice Environmental Studies Program (Summer)

Students spend the summer in beautiful Venice, studying global climate change, sea level rise, and international policy.
Tags: English Speaking, Undergraduate, Venice
Focus: Ecology, Environmental Studies, Geography, Geology, International Relations, Political Science, Science

Venice Studio Arts Program (Summer)

Students have the opportunity to learn about studio arts through in person interviews with museum curators and first person experiences in various art festivals.
Tags: English Speaking, Graduate, Undergraduate, Venice
Focus: Art & Architecture, Graphic Design, Painting, Studio Art

Zanzibar: Swahili Language and Culture in East Africa

Zanzibar: Swahili Language and Culture in East Africa (Summer)

Not your average study abroad experience, this program immerses students in the study of contemporary East African culture, religion, politics, and Swahili language.
Tags: English Speaking, Undergraduate, Zanzibar
Focus: African Studies, Anthropology, History, Islamic Studies, Political Science, Religious Studies, Swahili Language