Summer Programs

Boston University Study Abroad runs more than 25 summer programs in locations around the world. Utilizing the facilities, teachers, and resources used in our regular programs, the summer programs give BU and non-BU students the chance to live, study, and in many cases, intern abroad and earn BU credits.

Argentina Cultural Studies Program

Argentina Cultural Studies Program (Summer)

Courses will be offered on Argentine culture, journalism, politics, and literature. An internship option is available. The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students.
Tags: Argentina, Graduate, Internship, Offers Graduate Credit, Spanish Speaking, Undergraduate
Focus: Latin American Studies

The Triumphal Arch in Brussels

Brussels Internship Program (Summer)

Students take courses and simultaneously work at organizations in the greater Brussels area.
Tags: Brussels, English Speaking, Internship, Undergraduate
Focus: Economics, International Relations, Political Science, Pre-Law

International Conflict Resolution Program in London and Geneva

Geneva & London: International Conflict Resolution (Summer)

This program gives students a unique opportunity to study international conflict resolution in two world centers of diplomatic activity: Geneva, Switzerland, and London, England.
Tags: English Speaking, Geneva, Graduate, London, Offers Graduate Credit, Undergraduate
Focus: Conflict Resolution, International Relations

Scenic Geneva, hotel, mountains

Geneva: Global Governance, Economic Development, and Human Rights (Summer)

This intensive four-week program offers coursework on the global right to health, food security, and political and economic freedom.
Tags: English Speaking, Geneva, Graduate, Offers Graduate Credit, Undergraduate
Focus: International Relations, Public Health

Grenoble French Studies Summer Program

Grenoble French Studies Program (Summer)

The program offers a summer of intensive language study and university coursework in one of France’s most beautiful cities.
Tags: French Speaking, Grenoble, Undergraduate
Focus: French Language, Mathematics & Statistics

Catedral de Lima, Night

Lima: Contemporary Politics Program (Summer)

This short summer program offers immersion in Peruvian culture, and study of the political impacts of natural resource extraction in Peru and the Andes.
Tags: English Speaking, Lima & Ayacucho, Undergraduate
Focus: Environmental Studies, International Relations, Political Science

London & Paris: Art and Architecture Program

London & Paris: Architecture and Urbanism Program (Summer)

Students interested in art history, architecture, and urban studies now have the opportunity to study in both London and Paris. Through lectures and excursions, students will study the exquisite arts and architectural styles of the two cities.
Tags: English Speaking, London, Paris, Undergraduate
Focus: Art & Architecture

London College of General Studies Program in the Humanities

London College of General Studies Program in the Humanities (Summer)

This is a unique program for CGS students interested in the major movements in literature, the arts, and philosophy.
Tags: BU students only, CGS students only, Especially for Sophomores, London, Undergraduate