Venice, Italy

The Euro might be the money you carry around, but the real currency of Venice is art, architecture, water, and magic. Students who go on our Venice Programs usually come back with a dreamy look in their eye and a rueful smile that says they have seen more beauty in a single semester than they could hope to recount.

Our programs in Venice immerse students in an extraordinary artistic and environmentally unique culture. The Venice Studio Arts Program offers courses in painting, drawing, and graphic design, while specialized electives like glassblowing and printmaking are offered each fall and spring. The Venice Environmental Studies Program examines driving changes in the Venice lagoon and global climate change dynamics. No matter your major, a semester or summer in Venice is an unparalleled experience for the arts and environment.

Interestingly, students report a certain reluctance to leave Venice and explore the rest of the country or other parts of Europe. But it does happen on occasion-to Corsica or Switzerland or many other places nearby.

Programs in Venice

Venice Environmental Studies Program (Summer)

Students spend the summer in beautiful Venice, studying global climate change, sea level rise, and international policy.
Tags: English Speaking, Summer, Undergraduate
Focus: Ecology, Environmental Studies, Geography, Geology, International Relations, Political Science, Science

Venice Studio Arts Program

Venice Studio Arts Program

The program gives art students a “first residency” in a challenging and professional environment.
Tags: English Speaking, Fall, Spring, Undergraduate
Focus: Art & Architecture, Graphic Design, Italian Language, Painting, Studio Art

Venice Studio Arts Program (Summer)

Students have the opportunity to learn about studio arts through in person interviews with museum curators and first person experiences in various art festivals.
Tags: English Speaking, Graduate, Summer, Undergraduate
Focus: Art & Architecture, Graphic Design, Painting, Studio Art