Geneva, Switzerland

With its glorious alpine setting, a multitude of important global organizations, and a certain sense that everything is “just so,” Geneva is a marvelous place to live and study.

Of our four programs in Geneva, one offers physics majors an incredible opportunity to work at the CERN Laboratory. The other three programs are geared toward students on an international relations and/or public health track. These students consistently report being in awe of the high caliber lecturers and class visitors who come from the WHO, Red Cross, UN, or other organizations. Housing is in Boston University’s residence hall in the center of the city, with good public transportation very close by.

Places to visit are numerous from this centrally located country famous for its rail network. From snowshoeing in the Alps or trips to Italy, France, Austria, and other countries, a semester in Geneva is a global experience in every way.

Programs in Geneva

International Conflict Resolution Program in London and Geneva

Geneva & London: International Conflict Resolution (Summer)

This program gives students a unique opportunity to study international conflict resolution in two world centers of diplomatic activity: Geneva, Switzerland, and London, England.
Tags: English Speaking, Graduate, London, Offers Graduate Credit, Summer, Undergraduate
Focus: Conflict Resolution, International Relations

Geneva Internship Program

Geneva Internship Program

After completing the program’s six-week core phase, students spend the final eight weeks interning at an organization in Geneva, working full time, four days per week, while also taking one elective course. Students choose from one of two tracks: International Relations or Public Health.
Tags: English Speaking, Fall, Internship, Spring, Undergraduate
Focus: Conflict Resolution, Health & Human Services, International Relations, Political Science, Public Health

Geneva Physics Program

Geneva Physics Program

Boston University’s Geneva Physics Program, in cooperation with CERN and the University of Geneva, brings students directly to the cutting edge of modern physics.
Tags: French Speaking, Spring, Undergraduate
Focus: Physics, Science

Scenic Geneva, hotel, mountains

Geneva: Global Governance, Economic Development, and Human Rights (Summer)

This intensive four-week program offers coursework on the global right to health, food security, and political and economic freedom.
Tags: English Speaking, Graduate, Offers Graduate Credit, Summer, Undergraduate
Focus: International Relations, Public Health