Buenos Aires, Argentina

With its European influence, South American vibe, and cosmopolitan chic, Buenos Aires is an incredible place to spend the summer. Grand avenues with French architecture and colonial Spanish influence dominate the entire city. Food from many nations is plentiful and delicious. And everyone is dressed up—even just to window shop.

The summer Argentina Cultural Studies Program immerses students in Latin American studies, with courses focusing on Argentine culture, journalism, politics, literature, and recent literary and intellectual developments. Students have the option to do an internship in a cultural organization, an NGO, as well as in journalism or communication.

The Argentina program provides housing with host families throughout Buenos Aires. Placement in Argentine households facilitates language acquisition and integrates students into Argentine society and culture.

Excursions complement the curriculum.

Argentina Cultural Studies Program

Argentina Cultural Studies Program (Summer)

Courses will be offered on Argentine culture, journalism, politics, and literature. An internship option is available. The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students.
Tags: Graduate, Internship, Offers Graduate Credit, Spanish Speaking, Summer, Undergraduate
Focus: Latin American Studies