Alan Read

Alan Read, PhD
London History & Literature & London Internship Program & London Internship Program (Summer)

Dr. Alan Read completed his undergraduate work at Exeter University and his doctoral work in Critical Theory and Writing for Performance at the University of Washington, Seattle. He has lectured in the US and UK, has written and produced three original plays in London. He is the professor and chair of theatre at Kings College, formerly taught at University of Surrey, Roehampton. He is widely published, recent works include: Theatre and Everyday Life: An Ethics of Performance (1993). The Fact of Blackness: Frantz Fanon and Visual Representation (1996) and his latest book Architecturally Speaking: Practices of Art, Architecture, and the everyday (1999). He has recently been awarded a 5-year research grant from the AHRB to develop a web-based research project entitled Performance Architecture Location, web site is now live at