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BU Study Abroad is seeking applications from:

  • Students who have completed at least one semester of university study while matriculated in a degree program
  • Students in good academic standing
  • Students in good judicial standing

Each application undergoes a thorough review with full consideration given to the following admissions criteria: Academic record, appropriate course preparation or prerequisites, application questionnaire, academic recommendation(s), demonstrable communication skills, maturity, and work experience (for many internship programs).

We encourage students as early as their freshmen year to begin planning for study abroad with their academic advisor and study abroad advisor. Through ongoing discussions with an advisor, students can define their objectives and identify study abroad programs which are best suited to their needs, interests and goals.

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Applications have several components:

  • Application Questionnaire
  • Advisor Support of Participation Form
  • Academic Recommendation
  • Transcript(s)
  • Résumé
  • Non-refundable $55 Application fee
  • Additional program-specific materials as required.

Applications will not be reviewed until all materials are on file, including the most recent transcript showing coursework completed prior to the application deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all required materials have been received by the BU Study Abroad office.

Once the notification period begins, students with a complete application will receive an admission decision in two to four weeks (some exceptions apply). For competitive programs or tracks, BU Study Abroad may, in some cases, place applications on hold until a review of the full applicant pool is completed. We will notify you of your admissions decision via email. The email will include information and resources necessary for the next steps.

If you are a BU student awaiting an admissions decision, you should register for on-campus courses as you normally would do. If you are admitted to a program, BU Study Abroad will adjust your registration and student account accordingly. Fall semester applicants should also proceed with housing selection; you can later transfer your housing deposit to BU Study Abroad to account for the mandatory program deposit required of students who accept an offer of admission to a study abroad program. Please refer to the BU Housing website for details about canceling a housing reservation.

Boston University Study Abroad reserves the right to rescind admission to or continuation in any program if an applicant’s academic or disciplinary record is not satisfactory. Boston University students placed on expulsion, academic suspension, or residence separation are not eligible to participate for the duration of the sanction. Deferred separation status will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Non-Boston University students are expected to verify their eligibility to study abroad with their home institution.

In addition, your Boston University student account must be in good standing. University policy requires the withholding of educational services, including participation in a BU Study Abroad program from any student whose financial obligations to the university are due and/or unpaid.

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Boston University policies provide for equal opportunity and affirmative action in employment and admission to all programs of the University.

In order to evaluate your application, Boston University must obtain personal information from you, as explained in the Boston University Study Abroad Student Privacy Notice.