Health Insurance and Evacuation Coverage

It is very important that all students participating in a BU Study Abroad program have comprehensive health insurance coverage, as well as emergency travel assistance to cover medical and security evacuation.

Such coverage is provided automatically for students participating in most programs. For coverage details, please click one of the following dropdowns:

Important: Students Must Retain their Existing Health Insurance

Students may not use study abroad insurance to replace comprehensive, U.S.-based health insurance as required by Massachusetts and U.S. law.

Students may not participate in BU Study Abroad programs without certifying that they have U.S.-based coverage, or are purchasing the BU Student Health Plan

1. Domestic Programs

Students participating in the Los Angeles and Washington, DC programs are covered by their personal health insurance plan, as in Boston, or at the students’ home universities.

2. New Zealand and Switzerland

Students participating in fall and spring programs in Auckland, New Zealand and Geneva, Switzerland* have host country insurance plans, as required by law in these two countries.  The plans are included in the program fee and have been determined to provide coverage comparable to plans sponsored by BU Study Abroad. Students in Auckland and Geneva are also provided with an additional plan through HTH  which provides medical and security evacuation coverage, as well as limited medical coverage.

Click on the following links for details on in-country coverage.

New Zealand StudentSafe

Geneva Plan
* Please note that students participating in summer programs in Geneva will be covered by a plan through HTH Worldwide.

3. All Other Countries

Comprehensive health and evacuation coverage is provided through HTH Worldwide. The policy provides primary coverage to a limit of $100,000 for most medical costs, with no deductibles or copayments. Coverage normally begins one day before the program’s official start date and ends one day after the program’s end date.

The coverage for students in Australia provides a medical coverage limit of $1,000,000, in accordance with Australian law.

HTH Worldwide Global Health and Safety

Call collect worldwide: +1.610.254.8771
Toll Free Inside the U.S.: 1.800.257.4823

Extension of Coverage for Personal Travel

If students on overseas BU Study Abroad programs will be extending their time abroad for personal travel, they are strongly encouraged to maintain adequate overseas health and evacuation coverage. To purchase an extension of their HTH coverage prior to or at the end of their program, they can follow the corresponding link:

BU Study Abroad Programs in New Zealand and Switzerland

BU Study Abroad Programs in Australia

All other BU Study Abroad Programs

Register with the U.S. State Department

We strongly recommend all students register in the U.S. State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) . When registered, students will automatically receive information and updates from the State Department. In addition, enrollment will make it easier for U.S. officials to contact students or their families in the event of an emergency.


An app for the STEP program, which provides immediate access to your STEP account and itineraries, as well as State Department country information and travel alerts.

Download for iOS

Download for Android