Federal Aid

Many students use federal student aid to fund part of their educational expenses. These funds may also be applied toward funding a study abroad program offered through Boston University. 

Either the student’s home institution or Boston University can process federal loan applications.

We encourage all students to continue working with their own financial aid office when planning for their study abroad semester.

We are happy to complete the institution’s Consortium Agreement form and verify the program costs and the student’s enrollment status.

In the event that an institution chooses not to process its students’ federal financial aid, Boston University can process a Federal Direct Stafford student loan, PLUS (parent) loan, and Pell Grant for eligible students, provided that the home institution completes the Boston University Consortium Agreement.

All financial aid inquiries and materials for study abroad participants should be submitted to Boston University Study Abroad. Students who plan to apply for federal loans through Boston University should contact us for instructions and forms at 617-353-9888, or by e-mail at abroad@bu.edu.