Boston University Students

Fall and Spring Programs

During fall and spring semesters, Boston University students are eligible to receive most forms of financial aid that are available at BU (some awards such as work/study grants may not transfer) and students should seek information and apply for those funds as they normally do, through Boston University Financial Assistance.

Summer Programs

For summer term only, Boston University students are eligible to apply for grants or scholarships directly through Boston University Study Abroad. Awards are made based on need and/or merit and typically range from $500-$2,000. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Application for Summer Grants and Scholarships

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Please note that there are many other scholarships specifically for study abroad that you may apply for as well.

BU students participating in the Padua, Italy, semester or academic year programs (not summer) are eligible to apply for Padua Scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,500. This is the typical award range; actual awards may differ.

  • Spring Programs: November 1
    1. Fall and Academic Year Programs: April 15

    Padua Research Scholarship Application

    • Deadline: December 1

    For Boston University juniors or seniors who demonstrate financial need



    The Pamela Posen Endowed Memorial Scholarship is awarded to financially needy and worthy Boston University juniors and seniors to support travel supplementing the student’s study abroad. The scholarship is primarily intended to support travel related to the student’s study abroad program, but may be used for necessary academic expenses.

    Preference in the selection process will be given to students who best exemplify the spirit and qualities of Pamela Posen: individuals who are vivacious, love life, are interested in international travel and study, and hope to enrich their lives through a travel experience.

    The Pamela Posen Endowed Memorial Scholarship at Boston University was endowed by Pamela’s mother, Mrs. Bonnie Gregge, and her family. Pamela Posen, a student at Boston University’s College of Liberal Arts, was tragically and senselessly killed in the December 21, 1988, crash of Pan American Airlines Flight #103 in Lockerbie, Scotland. Pamela was a bright, vivacious, and talented student who was deeply loved by her family and her many friends. She was interested in experiencing and understanding the cultural, academic, and life experiences afforded to students who study abroad.

    • Juniors or seniors during the period in which they will study overseas
    • Participate on a study abroad program during the spring semester
    • Show financial need for the purposes of the award
    • Exemplify the spirit and qualities of Pamela Posen
    • Already be approved by Boston University Study Abroad for enrollment in a study abroad program. This may be a Boston University program, a program sponsored by another institution, or direct enrollment in a foreign institution. (Applicants should consult the Boston University Study Abroad office for further information on study abroad opportunities.)
    Award Details:

    One or more awards will be made annually for approximately $2,500; smaller awards may also be made. The award is intended to help support travel supplemental to a student’s overseas studies. So that it will not conflict with a student’s financial aid award, the scholarship will normally be awarded at the end of the student’s study abroad program, while the student is still overseas. Students need not receive financial aid to be eligible for the award; however, they must demonstrate financial need. Applications will be reviewed and recommendations for recipient selection made by Pamela Posen’s family members.

    Download a PDF application for the Pamela Posen Endowed Memorial Scholarship.

    • Deadline: February 15, annually for academic year and summer programs

    For Undergraduate and graduate BU students



    All candidates must demonstrate strong academic records based on GPA and test scores, strong motivation for language study and high potential for advanced proficiency. The African Studies Center also considers financial need in making their allocations.

    Award Details

    For undergraduate students studying abroad in Israel.



    Boston University’s Elie Wiesel Center for Jewish Studies offers financial support for Boston University students who are pursuing Jewish studies abroad through the Haifa Israeli and Middle Eastern Studies Program.

    • Must be a full-time Boston University student accepted into a study abroad program in Israel
    • Must be in good academic standing
    • Students with a strong interest in Judaic studies and culture
    • Demonstrate a verifiable need for financial assistance
    Award Details:

    Scholarships are granted for a semester-long basis.

    Please visit  Elie Wiesel Center for Jewish Studies for specific application instructions and deadline information.