Financial Aid

Before deciding what financial aid you might need, it helps to know how much your program is going to cost. You can find this information in the Cost of Each Program section of our site.

Once you know the cost, you can figure out how to help pay for it. You may also find ourĀ budget worksheet to be an important planning tool. Remember, both BU students and non-BU students have several options for financial assistance, including a grant or scholarship directly from Boston University Study Abroad for non-BU students.

In order to be awarded a grant or scholarship, you must be accepted into a program offered by Boston University Study Abroad. You may, however, begin the separate grant/scholarship application process while applying to a program online.

Study Abroad Grants & Scholarships

Boston University Study Abroad offers grants and scholarships for both BU and non-BU students:

Application Deadlines for Fall, Spring and Academic Year Financial Aid:

  • Fall and Academic Year Programs: May 1
  • Spring Programs: November 1

Application Deadlines for Summer Financial Aid:

  • Grant and scholarship applications for summer are reviewed on a rolling basis. Once you have been accepted into a program, if your grant application materials are complete, you should receive an award decision within two weeks.
  • Grant and scholarship applications will continue to be reviewed while funds remain available.