Academic Committees

Boston University Study Abroad is committed to academic excellence in all of its programs. To this end the department maintains regular consultations with faculty to address academic issues at all levels of program development and administration. Below is a list of current consulting faculty:

African Studies

  • Odile Cazenave, Professor of French
  • Timothy Longman, Associate Professor of Political Science; Director, African Studies Center
  • Zoliswa Mali, Clinical Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Teaching Department, SED; Coordinator of Southern African Languages, African Studies Center
  • Judith Mmari, Lecturer in Kiswahili
  • Fallou Ngom, Associate Professor of Anthropology and African Studies; Director, African Language Program
  • Peter Quella, Assistant Director, African Studies Center

Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies

  • Betty Anderson, Associate Professor of History
  • Giselle Khoury, Senior Lecturer in Arabic; Head of Arabic Language Program
  • Margaret Litvin, Assistant Professor of Arabic and Comparative Literature


  • Mary Beaudry, Professor of Archaeology, Anthropology, and Gastronomy
  • Ricardo Elia, Associate Professor
  • Amalia Perez-Juez, Adjunct Associate Professor of Archaeology; Academic Director, Madrid
  • William Saturno, Assistant Professor of Archaeology

Asian Studies

  • Joseph Fewsmith, Professor of International Relations and Political Science
  • Sarah Frederick, Associate Professor of Japanese
  • William Grimes, Associate Professor of International Relations and Political Science; Chair of International Relations
  • Eugenio Menegon, Associate Professor of History
  • Robert Weller, Professor and Chair of Anthropology
  • Catherine Yeh, Associate Professor of Chinese

Classical Studies

  • Loren J. Samens, Chair and Professor of Classical Studies

Communication, Journalism and Media Studies

  • Tobe Berkovitz, Associate Professor of Advertising
  • Thomas Fiedler, Dean, College of Communication
  • William McKeen, Professor and Chair of Journalism
  • Nicholas Mills, Associate Professor of Journalism
  • Lou Ureneck, Professor of Journalism
  • Tammy Vigil, Assistant Professor of Communication; Associate Dean, COM


  • Solomon Eisenberg, Professor and Chair of Biomedical Engineering; Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs


  • William Carroll, Professor of English
  • Natalie McKnight, Associate Professor of Humanities; CGS
  • Leland Monk, Associate Professor of English

Film and Television

  • John Bernstein, Associate Professor of Film
  • Roy Grundmann, Director, Film Studies Program; Associate Professor of Film
  • William Linsman, Associate Professor of Film and Television
  • Charles Merzbacher, Associate Professor of Film
  • Paul Schneider, Associate Professor of Television; Chair of Film and Television

French and Francophone Studies

  • Odile Cazenave, Professor of French
  • Paula Hennessy, Senior Lecturer in French
  • Nicholas Huckle, Senior Lecturer in French; Head of French Language Program
  • Susan Jackson, Associate Professor of French; Senior Associate Dean, CAS
  • Irit Kleiman, Assistant Professor of French

German Studies

  • Abigail Gillman, Associate Professor of German and Hebrew
  • Gisela Hoecherl-Alden, Assistant Dean and Director of Language Instruction, Professor of German
  • William Waters, Associate Professor and Chair of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature

Health Sciences and International Health

  • Shelley M. Brown, Clinical Instructor, Health Sciences Program
  • Bruce Larson, Associate Professor of International Health
  • Eileen O’Keefe, Clinical Associate Professor of Health Sciences; Director, Program in Health Sciences
  • Judith Schotland, Clinical Associate Professor of Health Sciences
  • Glen Zamansky, Assistant Dean, Pre-Medical Advising History


  • Charles Dellheim, Professor of History and Director, Kilachand Honors College
  • Bruce Schulman, Professor and Chair of History
  • Jonathan Zaitlin, Associate Professor of History

History of Art and Architecture

  • Frederick Kleiner, Professor of Art History and Archaeology; Chair of History of Art and Architecture

Hospitality Administration

  • Zoe Ho, Assistant Professor of Hospitality Administration
  • Peter Szende, Associate Professor of the Practice

Italian Studies

  • Dennis Costa, Associate Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature
  • Nancy Harrowitz, Associate Professor of Italian


  • Carol Neidle, Professor of French and Linguistics

Management and Economics

  • Jay Kim, Associate Professor, Operations & Technology Management

Political Science and International Relations

  • Michael Corgan, Associate Professor and Associate Chair of International Relations
  • Graham Wilson, Professor and Chair of Political Science


  • Celia Bianconi, Lecturer, Head of the Portugese Language Program


  • Deeana Klepper, Chair of Religion, Associate Professor of Religion and History

Sciences and Mathematics

  • Peter Busher, Professor of Natural Science; Chair of CGS Division of Natural Science
  • Morton Z. Hoffman, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
  • Anna Monahan, Clinical Administrator, Health Sciences
  • Lawrence Sulak, Professor of Physics
  • Daniel Weiner, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Eric Widmaier, Professor of Biology
  • Glen Zamansky, Assistant Dean, Pre-Medical Studies

Spanish and Latin American Studies

  • Alicia Borinsky, Professor of Spanish
  • Kevin Gallagher, Associate Professor of International Relations
  • Susan Griffin, Senior Lecturer in Spanish
  • James Iffland, Professor of Spanish
  • Elizabeth Lozano, Lecturer in Spanish
  • Christopher Maurer, Professor of Spanish; Chair of Romance Studies
  • Adela Pineda, Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Alan Smith, Professor of Spanish
  • Strom Thacker, Professor of International Relations and Political Science

Visual Arts, Theater Arts and Music

  • Lynne Allen, Professor of Art; Director, School of Visual Arts
  • Judith Chaffee, Associate Professor of Movement
  • Victor Coelho, Professor of Music, Musicology, and Ethnomusicology
  • Jim Petosa, Professor of Directing and Dramatic Criticism; Director, School of Theatre

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

  • Deborah Belle, Professor of Psychology; Director, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Shahla Haeri, Associate Professor of Anthropology