Academic Requirements


For Boston University students, grades earned on their off-campus program will appear on their Boston University transcript and will be averaged into their grade point average as they normally would.

Those who are not Boston University students should check with their home campus to determine whether or not the grades they earn will appear on their home institution’s transcript, or if the coursework will be transferred as pass/fail grades. Regardless of whether the actual grades they earn will appear on their home institution’s transcript, students should keep in mind that they will have a permanent record at Boston University. Should they apply to graduate school at a later date, they most likely will be required to submit an official transcript from each institution they have attended.


Students are expected to turn in all course assignments on time; turning in assignments late will have a negative effect on their grades. All academic commitments must be completed before students leave the program site; no incompletes are permitted. Students who do not complete a course on time will earn an F (failing grade). All courses must be taken for credit; students are not permitted to audit courses or to take courses on a pass/fail basis. For students on internship programs, unsuccessful completion of any course preceding the internship period may make them ineligible for placement in an internship.

Students enrolled in an internship program must complete the internship and all the academic work related to it, regardless of the transfer credit policy of their home institutions. The internship is a serious academic endeavor, requiring the completion of all assignments. Students are expected to fulfill all the requirements of the program, including the internship and the academic component attached to it.

Students will be informed at the program site of additional academic policies, such as deadlines for adding or dropping a course.