After you have been admitted or provisionally admitted to one of our programs, two important steps in the early stages of study abroad are paying the $450 non-refundable program deposit and submitting your acceptance of our offer of admission (“Participation Confirmation”) through your online account. In addition to holding your spot in the program, submission of these two pre-departure materials allows our office to proceed with notifying other Boston University administrative offices that you will be off campus and on a BU Study Abroad program for the semester.

There are four options on how you can pay the $450 non-refundable deposit:

  1. Pay electronically by checking account as part of the online Participation Confirmation process.
  2. On your Participation Confirmation, indicate that you will pay by check. Mail or drop off a personal check or money order made out to “Boston University” at our office: BU Study Abroad, 888 Commonwealth Avenue, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02215. Do not submit it directly to Student Accounting Services. The deposit must be recorded and tracked through BU Study Abroad before it can be sent to Student Accounting Services. On the front of the check you must include your Boston University identification number, your name (if it is not printed on the check), and the program and semester(s) of your program participation.
  3. If you have $450 or more of valid credit currently on your BU student account, you may request a Student Account Credit Transfer in person at Student Accounting Services at 881 Commonwealth Avenue or via email at After you submit the request, Student Accounting Services will move $450 of your valid previous semester’s credit to the current semester where it will appear as a program tuition deposit. After you submit the credit transfer request, you should monitor your student account via the Student Link. Once you see the account adjustment post to your student account, please notify Study Abroad via email. If you do not notify us that you have taken care of your deposit in this manner, we will not know to consider your deposit paid in full and will continue to assume that payment is due.
  4. BU Students – Fall Semester program participation only:  If you paid your $600 Housing Guarantee Payment, BU Housing will convert your payment to a tuition deposit for Study Abroad, once you complete the Study Abroad Participation Confirmation.