Why Intern Abroad?

The internship programs we offer around the world are something we’re very proud of. After all, we pioneered the idea of an internship program—giving students the chance to work while they study abroad.

It’s an incredible way to immerse yourself further in a culture, to strengthen your language skills in a foreign country, and, most of all, to get access to opportunities that just aren’t available, especially here at home.

Here’s something most programs can’t say:

Once you’re accepted to a BU Study Abroad Internship Program, we’ll definitely find you an internship. And not just any job that we come across: we’ll work with you to find an internship that matches your interests and past experience…and that can truly burnish your résumé.

Just think: No pavement pounding. No late nights poring over job listings. We’ll take care of it.

What is an Internship Program?

Our internship programs combine coursework in a particular academic area with a professional work experience. The coursework and the internship complement one another, enabling students to deepen their understanding of the culture and work environment of the host country. Internship programs offer courses in language, liberal arts, and more specialized fields such as business and finance; advertising, marketing, and public relations; journalism; and politics and international relations, to name a few.