Anthony Hughes

Anthony Hughes, PhD
Sydney Internship Program

Dr. Anthony Hughes has been a lecturer at the School of History at the University of New South Wales for a number of years. He also contributes to the Sport and the Law programs in the School of Law at UNSW. He has written widely on the social and cultural history of sport including topics such as sport and the Irish, sport and the Jews, sport and ethnicity, sport and federation in Australia, sport Governance and the Olympic movement. For several years Dr. Hughes edited and produced articles on cultural and historical issues for the Irish Echo. He published with Professor Richard Cashman the ground breaking Staging the Olympics: The Event and Its Impact (UNSW Press) in 1999. In 2004 he published with Dr Tom Hickie The Game for the Game Itself: A History of Sydney Suburban Rugby and in December 2005 The Pavilion on The Village Green: A History of Sport at UNSW was published.