Diane Atkinson

Diane Atkinson, PhD
London History & Literature Program

Diane Atkinson was born in Sunderland and educated in Cornwall and London. She taught history to 11-18-year-old students before lecturing and curating at the Museum of London. In 1992, she was responsible for the widely acclaimed Purple, White and Green: Suffragettes in London 1906-1914, a major exhibition on the innovative merchandising skills of the militant campaigners for the vote which traveled to New Zealand and Australia. In 1994 she was awarded her PhD on the politics of women’s sweated labor by the University of London. In 1996, she curated Funny Girls Cartooning For Equality.

In 2004, she completed an MA in life-writing from the University of East Anglia. Her publications include Suffragettes in Pictures (Museum of London/Sutton Publishing); Funny Girls Cartooning for Equality (Penguin); and Love and Dirt: the Marriage of Arthur Munby and Hannah Cullwick (Macmillan). Her most recent book, Elsie and Mairi Go To War: Two Extraordinary Women on the Western Front, was published by Random House and will be published in the United States in 2010. Diane has also worked in television and radio broadcasting. www.dianeatkinson.co.uk