Claudia Hammond

Claudia Hammond, MS
London Internship Program

Claudia Hammond holds an MSc in health psychology from Surrey University and a BA in applied psychology from Sussex University. She is a broadcaster and writer and works for the BBC, making and presenting radio programs on psychology, science and medicine. In her job as the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s “All in the Mind,” the only British radio program on psychology and mental health, she regularly interviews the biggest names in psychology including Albert Bandura, Philip Zimbardo and Martin Seligman. She is also the presenter of the critically acclaimed “Mind Changers” on the history of ground-breaking psychology experiments and “Health Check,” a weekly program on global health broadcast on the BBC World Service and on TV on BBC World News. Her latest series “State of Mind,” written and presented by Claudia, traces the politics and social history of mental health care in the UK from the 1950s to the present day. Claudia is the author of Emotional Rollercoaster: A journey through the science of feelings (2005) which has been translated into six languages.

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