Andrey Nikolaev Jichev

Andrey Nikolaev Jichev, PhD
London Internship Program

Dr. Andrey Jichev, MA, PhD, Moscow University of International Relations; PGD (EC Law), King’s College, London; MBA, Richmond, the American International University in London. Dr. Jichev has spent twenty years in the diplomatic service, including postings in Finland, the UK, and was one of the first diplomats to be appointed to the EU Department at the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry. He is a consultant with Coghill & Beery International specializing in Eastern European Cultures as they join the EU. He has worked with American students since 2002 teaching European business and international marketing courses and internship tutorials.

Dr. Jichev has participated in numerous international forums, congresses and conferences across Europe. He has published several research papers on contemporary issues of international relations and European integration and is co-author of European Integration: Myths and Reality (Moscow, 1986). He is an adviser at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London and is currently working on a book The Challenges of Post-Accession: Lessons Learned from the Eastern Enlargement of the EU.