Study Abroad Program Titles Changing

The program titles for nine existing programs are changing. The change comes solely for a more modern title for several programs.

Nothing within the programs that we know and love will change. Major changes to courses, requirements, costs, etc. will not be changing along with the new titles. Changes will be made as of the Spring 2014 semester.

Current Program Title

New Title as of Spring 2014

Burgos Language & Liberal Arts Program » Burgos University Spanish Studies Program
Dresden University Studies Program » Dresden German Studies Program
Grenoble Language & Liberal Arts Program* » Grenoble French Studies Program
Haifa Language & Liberal Arts Program » Haifa Israeli & Middle Eastern Studies Program
London Liberal Arts Program* » London British Studies Program
Madrid Language & Liberal Arts Program* » Madrid Spanish Studies Program
Padua Language & Liberal Arts Program* » Padua Italian Studies Program
Quito Language & Liberal Arts Program » Quito Latin American Studies Program
Rabat Language & Liberal Arts Program » Rabat Arabic Studies Program
Zanzibar: Religion, Politics, and Identity in East Africa* » Zanzibar: Swahili Language and Culture in East Africa

*Please note: Summer programs under the same name will also be changed as of the Spring 2014 semester.

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