New Course Additions

BU Study Abroad is excited to announce our newest course additions to various programs all around the world for both the academic year as well as the summer! Check out the courses below and learn more about our programs.

It’s never too early to start planning to go abroad! Listed below are our newest course additions:

BrusselsBrussels, Belgium

CAS IR 415/GRS IR 709: The European Union in the 21st Century – Challenges and Prospects


This new summer course is offered in tandem with a six-week internship in Brussels, the beating heart of the European Union. In it, students examine the EU as the world’s most advanced experiment in supranational governance. The course includes visits from guest speakers and weekly field trips to sites of international importance in and around Brussels such as the European Parliament.

DublinDublin, Ireland

CAS EC 372: The Irish Economy


Offered in the summer, this eight-week course is one of several electives students in Dublin may choose from to accompany a quality internship placement. The course explores the unique position of Ireland in both the European and global economies, considering factors such as government policy and regulation, taxation, welfare, and international trade. The course draws on the resources of Dublin with guest speakers and visits to government agencies and NGOs.

Los AngelesLos Angeles, USA

QST MK 435: The Music Industry and Music Marketing


Our newest course in Los Angeles draws on the unparalleled resources available only in LA to offer students a point of entry into the business side of this fascinating industry. By working with case studies such as Radiohead and Lady Gaga, and focusing on up-to-the-minute industry developments, students experience the music business as true insiders. Paired with an internship in marketing, advertising, or public relations in the fall or spring, the course gives students an invaluable perspective into this ever-changing industry.

Madrid, SpainMadrid

SHA HF 320: Food in Spain: Culinary History and Sociocultural Context

Fall, Spring

The culinary landscape of Spain is many things: rich, soulful, inviting, and above all, delicious. But it is also deeply integrated into the historical, social, and cultural fabric of the country in ways that few other national cuisines are. This course, offered in the fall and spring, takes a uniquely interdisciplinary approach to the gastronomy of Spain and its relationship to the economy, politics, tourism, culture, and society of the Iberian Peninsula. And, of course, in order to truly engage with the Spanish culinary tradition, students visit local food artisans, a traditional food market, and a winery.

PaduaPadua, Italy

CAS LI 354: Migrant Italian Literature

Fall, Spring

Contemporary Italian literature reflects the ever-changing landscape of the Italian population through various perspectives: social, cultural, and linguistic. Indeed, a large percentage of writers currently publishing in Italian are not native speakers of the language. How does the “Other” understand the Italian identity and translate it as his own? This fourteen-week course, offered in both the fall and spring, introduces students to this growing category of Italian literature through close textual analysis and visits with local authors.

Sydney, AustraliaSydney

CAS GE 330: Sustainable Sydney-Sustainable Australia

Spring, Summer

Australia is on the leading edge of urban sustainability, and this course capitalizes on the resources available in Sydney to explore the latest developments in the field. Taught by both an academic and a private sector specialist, this course, offered in both the summer and the spring, examines the intersection of the theory and practice of sustainability on both the local and the global levels. Guest lecturers and site visits contribute to a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience in a field whose relevance is becoming increasingly vital.

WashingtonWashington, DC, USA

COM CM 305: Public Relations Inside the Beltway

Fall, Spring

Students of public relations have few better locations in which to experience their field first-hand than in Washington, DC. This fourteen-week course contextualizes the basic concepts of public relations within the specific social and political culture of the nation’s capital. Paired with a high-quality internship placement in the spring or the fall, the course offers a wealth of opportunities for future public relations professionals.

Zanzibar, TanzaniaZanzibar

CAS PO 204: Religion, Politics, and Identity in East Africa


Located off the coast of Tanzania, the island grouping of Zanzibar is at a historical, cultural, and linguistic crossroads of multiple continents and communities. This six-week summer course engages with the local community to explore the complicated identity politics of Zanzibar from multiple angles, appealing to students from across the humanities and social sciences. Weekly visits to neighboring towns and villages enhance the academic experience.

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